The Ever High Happy Conscious Neuro Al-Chemistry of Meditation Series with Dr. Lynn Sereda

Saturday October 26th, 4-6pm, $10 suggested donation

This series will take place once a month for 12 months

2 Sets therefore of ever higher inner WNSI neuro
Al-Chemical Generative -Self Healing Learnings

The Goal: To help One Release entirely natural Endorphins > Dopamines> Serationins> Oxytocins>Acetylcholines>Gabapentins> Anandamides > Di-Methal-Triptophaneor DMT > that most special inner Elixir said to result in a life Now total Love of Life Happy Golden

With Dr. joe psychologist seeker – Lynn Sereda

> The first Set of instructions will Bebased on One learning to Be ever more whole body WNSI Responsive Expressive Side ‘Let go & Let God’! By way of 9 1 hr Pranayama like Full breath opening Lessons over either a 3 day weekend or 9 successive Saturdays!
> While the second Set will Bebased on One learning to Be ever more ‘Quiet Peace-FulStill’ or WNSI meditative like Sensory Receptive Side Open within the context of One’s ongoing Everyday Living! Over 12 successive months of One 2hr Session - with a ½ month to practice each of the 12 lessons presented & then dialogue share questions on whatever One might Be learning 2 weeks prior to each next Lesson! To help deepen the next 2 more weeks of practicing each Lesson, Etc. Etc. for 12 successive mos!

October Tarot Salon - Astrology for Tarot

This will be the final Tarot Salon of 2019 - focusing on Astrology for Tarot

  • Sunday October 13th, 2019

  • Time: 2-4pm

  • Price: $10 recommended donation

  • Location: The High Frequency Loft

  • Ages 13 and up - All Levels welcome

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Soothe Your Psoas - Trauma Informed Yoga - 3 week Series w/ Nita Maddux

Tuesdays 4:30-6pm, Beginning 6/12-6/26, By DONATION, attend all four or just drop in :)

What is trauma informed yoga? Well, honestly almost all hatha yoga is trauma informed.  It is the awareness that our body holds onto the tension and memories from past events. Through reworking the pattern of breathing, and releasing tension sometimes the past trauma is also able to release.  

 When we take the body out of patterns of flight or fight behavior something else happens. The executive functions of the brain become more available. These are the ability to look ahead, and see consequences of your actions, and make more rational decisions; the ability to remain in equilibrium while facing difficult, potentially triggering scenarios.

What do we do?  Through breath work practices, literally changing your patterns of breathing, stretching in specific shapes, and playfully changing old patterns of movement; we are able to break old patterns of thought and behavior. Many people experience deep relaxation and release from tension.

How effective is it? It is different for every person, how open are you to change?

I am offering this as a donation class. Come and try it, and decide if you want to pay after, and only pay what you can comfortably afford. This class will be adapted to who shows up; the level will vary depending on the participants. However, there is always opportunity for challenges for even the most experienced yogi. Further, this is an opportunity for teachers to learn a potentially new style.

Come, play, breathe, and learn to release.

Nita Maddux Bio:

Educational/ Certification Background: I have a degree in Fine Arts/ Dance from Boston University from 1990; I returned to school and received a degree in Physics from University of Montana in 2009.  I am a certified RYS 200 Iyengar instructor.  I took my yoga training at Maui Yoga Shala.  I further took a training in Ubud, Bali at Frog Lotus School in recovery yoga, also RYS 200 certified. I received both certifications in 2013. I have taken trainings from Elena Brower in Yoga Nidra, and from Deepak Chopra in embodied yoga. I have done two trainings with Desiree Rumbaugh.

Personal yogic philosophy:

I enjoy teaching to students at all levels. I am focused on teaching alignment, and taking the time to clearly describe the alignment elements in challenging postures.  I think that intelligent sequencing of postures is essential for allowing the practitioner to develop strength, spacial understanding, and to explore the emotional process triggered through a regular practice. I believe a regular yoga practice deepens our relationship to our physical, and subtle body. It therefore, allows the individual to awaken their own healing processes at the deepest level. I welcome the challenge, and love to research how to work with people with injuries or health challenges. Often those who think yoga is not for them, are the exact people who ought to practice. I believe in creating joyful, creative, intelligent flows. I believe each practice should be fun, engaging, and an intelligent conversation with your body. I am committed to taking my yoga off the mat, and offering donation or free classes. Further, I like to teach to senior groups, children’s groups, and would like to do further work with the criminal justice system. Yoga to me is an important service, and a great way to build community.

CANCELLED!!!! Yoga & Art - Make a Garden Prayer Flag

We are so sorry, this event is CANCELLED. The presenter has a family emergency. We will reschedule for June. Stay tuned!

Join us to celebrate You and this gorgeous blooming season by practicing a creative 1 hr Vinyasa Gaia Flow and by creating your own mixed media 36"x16.5" garden/prayer flag, so every time the wind blows, your prayers and intentions move with Mother Gaia. 

All materials included, yet if you have a piece of fabric, a cool t-shirt that you would like to repurpose,  or something special, please feel free to bring it and make it part of this experience. 

*Garden stand Not included.

West African Drum Lessons with Chris Helvey

Saturday April 28th 3-5pm, $25 sliding scale

We will start at the beginning and learn two traditional rhythms. These drum classes are somewhat self-leveling in terms of student experience level. Beginners will get to learn the basics and more experienced players will learn the nuances of the rhythm. A few djembes will be available for rent.  First come first server. What we will learn:

  • Tradition West African Beats
  • Playing tips
  • Woman friendly (No egos here)
  • Fun and supportive
  • Beginners welcome
  • Recorded for practicing

Chris has been a drummer since the age of eight. Around twenty years ago, he was intrigued by the Djembe as an instrument and upon discovering the music it supported, came an "Aha!" about rhythm. What followed became a deep learning experience of West African rhythm, along with following the influences it has had on western music. He has traveled to Guinea, West Africa to learn from the source, and has studied with many masters both African and American. His teachers have been Mamady Keita (Conakry,) Famadou Konate' (Conakry,) Fadouba Oulare (Faranah,) Ryan Edwards (Boston,) Michael Taylor (Chicago,) Michael Markus (New York,) and Bruce Langhorn (Los Angeles,) among others.

Chris also plays guitar, congas, and anything that makes a sound. African music runs in his blood even while playing slack-key guitar. He often says that the influence of African music in his his own life and music style is like the egg in a cake. You can't separate them anymore.

Art & Yoga - Sri Yantra with Adi Luna

Saturday January 21st 12pm-3pm, $25 includes all materials

Join Adi Luna for Art & Yoga. A one hour asana practice will help you dive deep into your inner & outer worlds, followed by an hour of movement & loving thoughts. After aligning with source we will tap into our creative selves & manifest a Sri Yantra. The Sri Yantra is a meditative device of sacred geometry, where the physical & spiritual worlds as well as the masculine & feminine worlds meet, thus balance happens. Getting you closer to the sacred land, the sacred source, your sacred self.


Tribal Fusion Belly Dance 8 week series w/ Alana Grier

Saturdays starting October 7th-November 25th, 10:30am-12pm 

Join Alana G for an 8 week series in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Study a fusion of different approaches to Belly Dance from American Tribal Style to ancient birth preparation. There is a good flow from strengthening drills to group choreography throughout the class. 

Belly Dance fundamentals covered:

  • Prayer/Pranam Centering Exercise 
  • Technique & Drills
  • Choreography Cues & Group Patterns
  • Synchronized Group Improvisation
  • Learn to Lead and Follow
  • Finger Cymbal Patterns 
  • Tribal Costume Making

Hip scarves or coin belts are optional, students should wear loose, comfortable clothing. No previous dance experience necessary. Prenatal friendly. Take all 8 weeks or drop in for individual classes! 

Pay in full & get all 8 weeks for only $60!!! Regular drop-in rate, classes passes & memberships accepted.

Multidimensional Playground - Bilocation w/ Ariana

The focus of our November 5th, 1:30pm gathering on the Multidimensional Playground is BILOCATION. We will explore topics such as:

• Traveling up the corridor of light
• Walking across the bridge of light
• Shimmering
• Thought projection

Bilocation means being at two places simultaneously. Being a multidimensional being you can trilocate and beyond. Bilocation practice is a great way to stretch your level of perception and to activate your Multidimensional Brain.

While bilocating in 3D/4D you are in your physical body and you bilocate in your etheric body. That’s why bilocation feels as astral travel. The etheric body is able to observe the new location and gather information, but is unable to interact. This will change once we have transmuted our physical bodies into light bodies.

Bilocation also feels as Merkaba travel/teletransportation, but only so long you live in 3D/4D. After all - these techniques have different purpose. In bilocation we are projecting into another reality while being in our bodies. In teletransportation you are leaving this dimension, taking the vehicle with you.

Suggested donation $5-10. Hope to see you there.

Love, Ariana
(aka Vera Le Doux)

This event is a part of an ongoing series - the next one is scheduled for December 3rd, 3:30PM.

The Multidimensional Playground is a place of expansion and mastery. Together we explore the heart space as the entry point to the inner worlds of infinite possibilities, where there’s no limit to what we can manifest, co-create, birth, experience, encounter and play with.

Through guided meditation and energy exercises we will explore a wide variety of topics relevant to the Journey of Awakening.

This playground is not about teaching and learning - we are all awakening and beginning to REMEMBER and comprehend our Multidimensional Self. As we are all very unique in our genetic design and star heritage we empower and inspire each other to bring out the inherent skills hidden in our subconscious. The focus will be on stretching the brain and activating the multidimensional brain, on getting comfortable to use the FEELING as a guidance and on learning how to express the invisible and undefined.

Honu a'la Dance Circle with Babe Helvey

“Honu a’la” ~ The Turtle’s Way

Saturday October 21st, 2pm-3:30pm

In Honuala Dance Circle we will honor the path of the turtle. Everyone who attends will be encouraged to participate in their own way, and at their own pace. We will come together to celebrate the spirit of serenity and joy. Sometimes all we need is a simple positive reset to help us remember how to lead from the heart. These songs and dances are based on the idea of living in beauty. They have the unique ability to bring people closer, while allowing walls to fall away. Plus, they’re fun! Honuala Dances are gentle, non-religious, meditative movement that requires no skill or previous experience. Come explore a new way of shedding stress and casting off the burden of the world. Find peace through community movement and song.

sliding scale $15


Growing up on a mango farm in Honaunau, on the big Island of Hawaii, Babe Helvey learned the gentle power of a simple song. Inspired by the Honu, or Sea Turtle, she continues to share her rhythms, dances and stories. Currently living in Taos, New Mexico, Babe brings a lifetime of treasures to share. Her body of work contains music, poetry, story, dance, song, and other surprises. Come see what flows forth.

Reiki Healing Heart Meditation with Bee Falcon

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

10 am – 11 am

Join Bee Falcon, MA, Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master for a Reiki Healing Heart Meditation. 

No prior knowledge of Reiki needed; just the intent to meditate for relaxation, stress-relief & to experience a heart-centered healing frequency. 

This is a Reiki meditation that works with the healing powers of intent through the vista of your heart & the movement of your breath. In addition to experiencing a Reiki healing frequency, we will explore a connection to the heart chakra for subtle though profound energetic healing. This meditation will incorporate the power of breath, mudras, guided visualization, & Reiki healing. Furthermore, the meditation will offer a supportive sacred space to receive guidance from the wisdom of your compassionate heart. This is a free event. Donations appreciated. 

@ The High Frequency Loft

1335 Gusdorf Road, Suite Q 

Taos, NM 87571


Solar Eclipse Light Transmission

Welcome to another Adventure in Consciousness with Ariana.

On Monday, August 21 the sun, moon and Earth will line up in an act of cosmic serendipity that will turn day into night across the 2,680-mile width of the United States. This is a major event that will be witnessed by many and marks a huge RESET, the ramifications of which we will probably not see until later this fall. A new understanding of how the body is simply a manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs is possible, as well as a deep healing and reset of what has been perceived as damaged, lacking or diseased. You have the potential to reset your relationship to your body and your physical well-being.  

We will gather in a circle, open a portal of light and feel into the energies that will be available to us on this day. This event is a ceremony, an adventure in consciousness and activation of your ultimate potential. We will bathe in the light of who we are and share us selves with the wider collective on quantum particle level. There's nothing to do - but be - be your true self and shine your light upon this world! 

According to my Acturian guides this solar eclipse will be a rehearsal for the Ascension and intersection of dimensions, which is why we will be focusing during the guided meditation on activation of our individual and collective Merkaba.

After the guided meditation we will go outside and watch the peak of the eclipse, which will be a partial eclipse here in Taos.

This is a free event, donations greatly appreciated. 
Feel free to invite your friends.

It is recommended to bring crystals and water to charge by the high frequencies we will be transmitting. Some of the crystals will be burried around the perimeter of Taos with intention to hold the frequencies in our community, the water can be used as a homeopathic remedy to enhance the frequency of you water at home.

Hosted by Vera Ariana Le Doux -

Location - High Frequency Loft: A space for mindful movement & uplifting events. Acro. Yoga. Fitness. Dance. Qigong. Meditation. Music. Art. Life. 

(We will be sitting on the floor, if you have physical issues, consider bringing a chair.)

A note on timing: There's a 9-10 class before our event and a 11-12 class afterwards. Please be on time.

8-8 Lion's Gate Light Transmission & Celebration of Life

Tuesday August 8th, 10:30am

Imagine a world where each of us knew we had the impact necessary to create a world change. If you feel like you don’t fit in this world, it is because you are here to help to create a new one. August 8th introduces an expansive fluctuation of Earth’s energy which will create an opportunity to harmonize our brainwaves with the frequencies of higher consciousness. The age of the external guru is dissolving, you are the guru, you are the sages of this new age. Those who have heard the clarion call to help create heaven on Earth are being ushered into the era of shepherding consciousness. The Lion’s Gate is a gateway to finally embody your unique essence, a call to action of the greatness within you. Become the change you wish to see in this world. When lightworkers of this Earth unite together, there is nothing we cannot transform.

We will gather in a circle, open a portal of light and feel into the energies that will be available to us in that particular moment of time. This event is a ceremony, a conscious cocreation, a dance, a song, a moment in time....An adventure in consciousness, celebration of life. We will bathe in the light of who we are and share us selves with the wider collective on quantum particle level. There's nothing to do - but be - be your true self and shine your light upon this world!

This is a free event, donations greatly appreciated. 
Feel free to invite your friends.

Hosted by Vera Ariana Le Doux -

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