Body Barre  w/ Alana L


Body Barre. Build that long lean dancer look with this dance, pilates, yoga fusion class. All exercises will be performed in center of the room using the weighted body bar to sculpt lean muscle through small micro-movements focusing on internal strength & energy. This class is appropriate for all ages and levels, regardless of dance experience, you will leave feeling sculpted from head to toe. Gain deep core strength, balance  & flexibility. We will always incorporate stretching and deep breathing for a lovely well rounded whole body experience. 

 Mon: 5pm            Weds/Friday: 12pm

Tribal Fusion

Belly Dance w/ Alana G



Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Study a fusion of different approaches to Belly Dance from American Tribal Style to ancient birth preparation. There is a good flow from strengthening drills to group choreography throughout the class. 

Belly Dance fundamentals covered:

  • Prayer/Pranam Centering Exercise 
  • Technique & Drills
  • Choreography Cues & Group Patterns
  • Synchronized Group Improvisation
  • Learn to Lead and Follow
  • Finger Cymbal Patterns 
  • Tribal Costume Making

Hip scarves or coin belts are optional, students should wear loose, comfortable clothing. No previous dance experience necessary. Prenatal friendly.     

Saturdays 10:30am

Pilates w/ Alana L


Mat Pilates. Joseph Pilates (1883–1967) was a German physical trainer notable for having invented and promoted the Pilates method of physical fitness. Mat Pilates is an effective, precise set of exercises. It’s accessible to everyone at any level of fitness and provides many benefits. Tone and strengthen your body with basic Pilates exercises for the stomach, back, legs and arms. Improve posture, increase flexibility and rejuvenate with a core strengthening workout that anyone can do. Focusing on classic postures and correct alignment in the body. Slower pace. Core strengthening through movement and breath.                                                      

Monday/Thurs: 12pm     

Yoga Flow 

w/ Alana Lee, Adi Luna & Heather Promise

Yoga Flow. This class is based in Ashtanga Yoga with an Iyengar focus on alignment. Linking of poses and breath to strengthen the nervous system & build internal heat in the body. We start off slow in the beginning then build the pace & lead to a peak pose. Starting to build strength towards advanced poses such as handstands & arm balances. Students are encouraged to take it at their own pace & modifications are always offered making this class suitable for all levels seeking strength, balance & presence. Embrace the present moment through breathing, moving & being still. Benefits of yoga:

  • Relieve the mind of daily stress
  • Build strength, flexibility, and stamina safely
  • Achieve a sense of reintegration
  • No previous experience is required

Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat: 9am           Tues/Thurs: 6pm             Weds: 5pm (Handstands/Inversions)

Fitness - Athletic Conditioning

Colton Silva


Strength and agility built through circuit training cardio and strength exercise that  use your own body weight as resistance. You will also get to explore finding core stability using a variety of equipment such as TRX suspension trainer, light weights & battle ropes. All excercises will be chosen to enhance range of motion, mobility, flexibility & balance. Whether you are new to fitness or an athlete wanting to increase productivity this class is for you. Stretching and mindful breathing will also be incorporated in every class. The perfect workout for skiers & snowboarders that want to improve their cardio, strength & endurance to dominate on the mountain each workout will work on developing strength, coordination & agility in a fun & different way.

 Mon-Fri: 8am       Tues: 7pm

Ecstatic Dance


Dance Meditation. Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calm the nervous system through breathing & moving to the beat. The ecstatic arc takes you on a movement journey starting off slow, coming to a peak, then softly bring you back down to rest in a meditative state.

Returning in the Fall

Gentle Yoga      

Yoga is an over 3000 year old methodology to support the practitioner in quieting the mind and experiencing inner peace. This class is open to all levels and provides an opportunity to deepen your awareness of the poses for an overall calming effect. The pace is moderate and more intermediate poses will be introduced and practiced with modifications offered for easier practice. Emphasis is placed on mindfulness and breath control. You are encouraged to work at your own pace. A great workout that leaves you relaxed and at peace. Relieve the mind of daily stress. Build strength, flexibility, and stamina safely. Achieve a sense of reintegration No previous experience is required

Tues/Thur: 1:30pm

Stoke the digestive fires of the body in this comprehensive, 45 minute yoga class. With a focus on core strength, you can expect an energizing practice to empower you through the rest of your day. We will create a moving meditation to maximize your metabolic potential and mental concentration. Of Manipura (3rd chakra) - "Within Me is a Light that Lights the Whole World!"

Tuesday/Thursday 12pm-12:45pm 

Acro Ninjas Kids/Teens

Fridays: 4pm

In this class we use physical activity for advancing a child's balance, co-ordination, strength, flexibility, dexterity and--most importantly--confidence! Through a combination of  Yoga,  Acrobatics, animal movements, games, meditations, breathing excercises & more. This class will improve coordination &  teamwork  while keeping kids moving and experiencing new skills every week! If your child wants to learn some super hero moves like how to walk on their hands send them our way!


Wee Yogis Mommy & me Yoga & Music w/ Alana

Mommy & me (Daddy's welcome too) Classes includes fun yoga poses, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness exercises. Yoga helps children improve focus and concentration, gain confidence and learn to express themselves. Benefits of yoga for children:

  • Develops coordination skills & body awareness
  • Develops self-love & confidence
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Develops creativity and imagination
  • Increases flexibility and strength
  • Releases stress
  • Develops self-discipline
  • Builds and encourages healthy relationships
  • Strengthens motor (muscle) development
  • Builds sensory awareness
  • Enhances social skills
  • Develops cooperation
  • Develops language and listening skills
  • Develops self-awareness

Mondays & Thursdays 11am 

AcroYoga w/ Alana & Colton

AcroYoga is a physical practice done with a partner which combines yoga, Thai massage & acrobatics.

Learn to fly! It's fun and easy & anyone can do it! All ages & levels welcome. No experience or partner needed. Why lift weights when you can lift your friends? Fly, stretch & breathe & play! We will learn a sequence of foundational poses with an emphasis on proper technique & alignment. A solid foundation is needed to build a strong Acrobatic Yoga practice so we will focus on strength, conditioning & hand balancing to awaken all the proper muscles needed to get upside down & off the ground, with a little help from your friends! Whether you are beginner or advance come refine technique. We will do poses that elongate the spine & relieve stress & tension for both the base & flyer! Come prepared to have fun & leave feeling alive!

Monday/Weds/Fridays: 6pm        


Shamanic Meditation with Carly Rice

nico carly love.jpg

Each week we will explore meditation techniques and energy practices. We will learn with different shamanic tools and journeys, as well as connecting to our guides and power animals. Topics will range each class based on various Mystery teachings. This class is for those looking to deepen their knowledge of self and their meditation practice. All levels of experience welcome.

Thursdays 5pm

Intro to Acrobatics

All the building blocks, Conditioning & strength training to prepare the body for arm balances, inversions, handstands, acroyoga, primal movement and more! All levels welcome. Working from the ground up for a strong foundation to your practice. 


Creating Sanctuary: Yoga for Stress Relief, Anxiety & PTSD 

Tuesday/Thursday: 9-10:30am

A juicy 90 minute class that will deeply nourish and encourage transformative healing of body, mind and spirit through breath awareness, posture flows, and joyful self awareness.    Class is suitable for all levels, and each student will be guided in finding their own unique expression of the postures, making it perfect for those with limitations, injuries or medical concerns.
Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of class. Wear comfortable clothing, and please refrain from wearing any scents or fragrances. 
Minimum suggested donation $12
Sliding scale $5-20


Empower Yoga

with Heather Promise

Stoke the digestive fires of the body in this comprehensive, 45 minute yoga class. With a focus on core strength, you can expect an energizing practice to empower you through the rest of your day. We will create a moving meditation to maximize your metabolic potential and mental concentration. Of Manipura (3rd chakra) - "Within Me is a Light that Lights the Whole World!"

Tuesday/Thursday: 12pm-12:45pm 


Roll & Restore

Coming Soon