Alana Lee

Alana Lee began her journey in movement at the age of 3 with dance which then evolved into gymnastic, diving, cheerleading & partner acrobatics. Alana took her first yoga class at the age of twelve. Then after completing her competitive collegiate career at the University of Central Florida, she returned to yoga because she realized she needed to move her body for the rest of her life but in a mindful way. Through yoga she was able to overcome many challenges that she had faced in her athletic career & learned to connect to herself & love her body.

Alana has been teaching movement for over 20 years to all ages & levels. She has led workshops in Yoga & Fitness all over the world and is certified in 20 different formats & modalities, hatha, vinyasa flow, power yoga, mommy & me, kids yoga, Cardio Flow, SculptWorks, Antigravity Ariel yoga & AirBarre, Pole, Lyra, ballet barre fitness, Pilates, Acrobatics, Acro Yoga, TRX suspension trainer & RIP trainer, UrbanKick Cardio kickboxing, JumpSport trampoline Fitness, Pound, Pon De Flo Caribbean Dance, ecstatic dance, Spin, hands on healing, energy healing, transformational breath work  & more. Since 2006 she has been teaching Yoga & Fitness as her full time career in Boston, Los Angeles & San Francisco. She was the NorCal regional Sculptworks Teacher Trainer for YogaWorks, lead regional group fitness Teacher Trainer for Crunch, & lead Trainer for Wee Yogis Kids Yoga teacher training program. In her spare time, she plays violin in a band & she performs partner acrobatics & AcroYoga all over the world. Her joy is sharing her passion for mind-body awareness with others & helping to make the world a better place one deep breath at a time. 



Colton Silva

Colton has been an athlete since a very young age. Basketball, soccer & baseball were his sports growing up, all culminating with his collegiate baseball career at Hawaii Pacific University. Colton loves a challenging workout so he was naturally  drawn to CrossFit. After many years of working very hard & having many injuries Colton was able to heal his body through yoga.  Colton & Alana have made acroyoga their workout and a fun time to interact together. Colton loves to train hard & teach others to do the same but with proper form & technique with an emphasis on stretching & recovery so that one has longevity in their practice whatever that may be. 


Alana Grier

Alana Grier, LMT, RYT, CPC, ChT.  Alana G has been practicing Yoga for 30 years and teaching stress management/mindfulness and Yoga for 15 years. She offers Integrative Health Coaching, Medical Massage and Individual Yoga/Mindfulness support at her office in Taos Primary care Clinic. She enjoys teaching at UNM-Taos for the 200 Hour Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Certificate Programs. Alana teaches multiple movement methodologies as an integrative approach to health and wellness, to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to reach your fitness goals including Pilates, Yoga, and Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

Alana G. is also a professionally trained dancer who began studying Matriarchal Belly Dance in 1986. Since then she has danced through five pregnancies & births. She began teaching Belly Dance for birth preparation in 1995. Over the last 28 years she has studied different forms of belly dance. Tribal fusion is her favorite. She has been enjoying building a supportive community for women of all ages and phases of life through dance for the last few years in Taos and hopes to watch this community grow at the High Frequency Loft.


Julia Daye 

Nicknamed the “Rhythm Ambassador” by dance fanatics, Julia Daye is a global house DJ and movement facilitator in wild love with dance and timeless rhythm. Crowds can’t help but move to these infectious grooves as her rich musical journeys defy time and locale, symphonizing a globe of age-old vibrant humanity into one moving expression of beat.

A catalyst for dance spaces across New York City since 2012, Julia is the founder of the Brooklyn-based community ecstatic dance and DJ project, Movement is Free, spinning at festivals and venues across the US, including the FIGMENT Festival in New York City, Sister Winds Festival, StarTribe, and Tribal Visions.

In 2014, Julia co-founded the ongoing DJ dance party series, Rhythm Nation, as well as Taos New Mexico’s first Ecstatic Dance chapter. Julia moves dance floors at festivals, clubs, events, yoga studios, and private parties. She has shared the stage with such greats as Kaminanda, Narkatta, Desert Dwellers and many others. A vibrant pillar in the get-down-and-get-sweaty scene, Julia Daye delivers a shaking soundscape that is guaranteed to make your cells bounce.

A lifelong dancer and musician, Julia comes from the traditions of West African Dance and Drum, Contemporary Movement, Movement Improvisation, and Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms. She attended the Eastman School of Music and the University of Ghana School of Performing Arts in West Africa. She has taught as an AFAA certified dance fitness instructor as well as a dynamic movement facilitator for movers of all ages and abilities. As a teaching artist, Julia celebrates music and movement as one—the exploration of inner and outer landscapes through one’s own embodied re-creation of rhythm.


Leia Layus

Yoga is a practice of remembering and yoking with one's natural self. Leia hopes to share what she has discovered within her own practice: reconnecting to our body, deepening awareness, improving relationships, and discovering the spaciousness within oneself.

While in San Francisco, Leia had the opportunity to study various styles of Vinyasa and Classical Yoga. She began studying and teaching at Yoga To The People and continued her studies with Erika Trice & Lakshmi Norwood of YogaWorks.  As her practice unfolded, she began mindfulness practices with Stacie Overby & philosophy with Chase Bossart of Yoga Well Institute. Presently, she studies with Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe, NM with Tias Little & Surya Little, allowing her to cultivate a language of yoga that articulates the body in asana and pranayama while weaving in the exploration & study of sutras, poetry, and myth.



Nikesha Breeze

Nikesha Breeze is a multi-certified MogaDao Teacher of the highest level. She offers classes and workshops in, MogaDao Qigong, MogaDao Yoga, MogaDao Morning Medical Qigong and MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality & Internal Alchemy. She is continuing her studies in the School of Daochan and is currently in the Way of Complete Harmony Sifu Training. Nikesha is the artistic director of the MogaDao Institute.

Nikesha has been a practicing Daoist for almost 25 years. She is a continual student of the ancient texts and deep practitioner of the sacred arts. Her classes combine a supreme fluidity and attention to detail with a comprehensive understanding of the holistic approach to wellness and healing through embodied movement and sacred practice.

For more information about the practice please visit the website:

Out of thousands of students, in over a quarter century of teaching, I can say clearly and plainly that Nikesha Breeze is one of the finest few that I have ever had. She combines a rarest physical embodiment with the mystical necessity of the truest Daoist practitioners, an intelligence that retains a most extraordinary width of detail, and a spirit that must live, breathe, and teach the deep work of these MogaDao disciplines—meditation, qigong, and yoga— because it is her destiny to do so. Anyone fortunate enough to study with her will touch immediately the essence of the MogaDao practices, and gain themselves the tools necessary to embark on the sacred path of a most refined personal practice."

~Zhenzan Dao, Founder, MogaDao 



Heather Promise

Heather Promise is a perpetual scholar whose commitment to yoga is the guiding force in her personal, professional, and academic pursuits. Her dedication to yoga has spanned the last 18+ years, and she has been teaching for eleven of those years. Heather has earned a YAECP® and an E-RYT500®  credential with Yoga Alliance and has experience teaching to diverse and special populations. She teaches Hatha yoga, primarily, but is well versed in a variety of yogic traditions and styles. She is currently developing yoga curriculum for elementary age children here in Taos. 

Professionally, Heather Promise Ricciardi, MLSt., E-RYT 500, YACEP is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Therapeutic Practitioner, specializing in Alternative and Holistic Mental Healthcare Modalities.


Yamuna Devi

Yamuna Devi, CYT, TY YTT has been teaching the Yogic Arts and Sciences for 30 years, including Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti and Nada Yoga, as well as the vibrational aspects of Sanskrit. A Reiki Master, Yamuna corrected her own scoliosis and rotated pelvis, and intuitively understands the needs and how to best work with each individual student, helping to identify and overcome perceived limitations and obstacles.  She is truly in her element when she is sharing knowledge with those who are hungry. She has taught around the US, India and Crete and was an original cofounder of the Three Rivers Yoga Institute, where she also trained teachers for 12 years.  Yamuna is also a potter, Animal Communicator, Kirtan Singer and Dog Mom to three rescues.


Ariana (Vera) Le Doux

Ariana is a Pioneer of Freedom Consciousness.  Her passion is feeling into the Unified Energy Fields and translating the multidimensional frequencies into human language.  She will be leading a cutting edge class called Multidimensional Playground here at the HFL.

She has eight years of experience with group work, specifically with Guided Meditations and Adventures in Consciousness with focus on letting go of the identity, the old self and anchoring the Divinity, the True Self, that which is Limitless, Fearless &  Free. 

To get to know Ariana as an artist, visit her at 

The images portrayed on this colorfull website have specific encodements to activate ascension energies. Color codes emanate frequencies that are specific to your individual light bodies. Your light body discerns the appropriate codes and then integrates them into your frequency field. 

Another of Ariana's passions is co-creation and manifestation of Taos City of Light. A City of Light is a unified energy field, unified by an intention to co-create a reality based on Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Truth. It is a birth of a new just society and 5th dimensional community. She talks extensively about this topic in her YouTube videos: