Solar Eclipse Light Transmission

Welcome to another Adventure in Consciousness with Ariana.

On Monday, August 21 the sun, moon and Earth will line up in an act of cosmic serendipity that will turn day into night across the 2,680-mile width of the United States. This is a major event that will be witnessed by many and marks a huge RESET, the ramifications of which we will probably not see until later this fall. A new understanding of how the body is simply a manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs is possible, as well as a deep healing and reset of what has been perceived as damaged, lacking or diseased. You have the potential to reset your relationship to your body and your physical well-being.  

We will gather in a circle, open a portal of light and feel into the energies that will be available to us on this day. This event is a ceremony, an adventure in consciousness and activation of your ultimate potential. We will bathe in the light of who we are and share us selves with the wider collective on quantum particle level. There's nothing to do - but be - be your true self and shine your light upon this world! 

According to my Acturian guides this solar eclipse will be a rehearsal for the Ascension and intersection of dimensions, which is why we will be focusing during the guided meditation on activation of our individual and collective Merkaba.

After the guided meditation we will go outside and watch the peak of the eclipse, which will be a partial eclipse here in Taos.

This is a free event, donations greatly appreciated. 
Feel free to invite your friends.

It is recommended to bring crystals and water to charge by the high frequencies we will be transmitting. Some of the crystals will be burried around the perimeter of Taos with intention to hold the frequencies in our community, the water can be used as a homeopathic remedy to enhance the frequency of you water at home.

Hosted by Vera Ariana Le Doux -

Location - High Frequency Loft: A space for mindful movement & uplifting events. Acro. Yoga. Fitness. Dance. Qigong. Meditation. Music. Art. Life. 

(We will be sitting on the floor, if you have physical issues, consider bringing a chair.)

A note on timing: There's a 9-10 class before our event and a 11-12 class afterwards. Please be on time.