The Ever High Happy Conscious Neuro Al-Chemistry of Meditation Series with Dr. Lynn Sereda

Saturday October 26th, 4-6pm, $10 suggested donation

This series will take place once a month for 12 months

2 Sets therefore of ever higher inner WNSI neuro
Al-Chemical Generative -Self Healing Learnings

The Goal: To help One Release entirely natural Endorphins > Dopamines> Serationins> Oxytocins>Acetylcholines>Gabapentins> Anandamides > Di-Methal-Triptophaneor DMT > that most special inner Elixir said to result in a life Now total Love of Life Happy Golden

With Dr. joe psychologist seeker – Lynn Sereda

> The first Set of instructions will Bebased on One learning to Be ever more whole body WNSI Responsive Expressive Side ‘Let go & Let God’! By way of 9 1 hr Pranayama like Full breath opening Lessons over either a 3 day weekend or 9 successive Saturdays!
> While the second Set will Bebased on One learning to Be ever more ‘Quiet Peace-FulStill’ or WNSI meditative like Sensory Receptive Side Open within the context of One’s ongoing Everyday Living! Over 12 successive months of One 2hr Session - with a ½ month to practice each of the 12 lessons presented & then dialogue share questions on whatever One might Be learning 2 weeks prior to each next Lesson! To help deepen the next 2 more weeks of practicing each Lesson, Etc. Etc. for 12 successive mos!