Musical Meditations - A Yoga Series with Live Music

Mark your calendars for a four class yoga series with live music improvised by Ross Malcolm Boyd, a full-time traveler hailing from New Hampshire, at The High Frequency Loft.

Ross Malcolm Boyd is a composer, musician and educator currently touring the country with his wife, Jamie Feinberg. Although much of his music falls under the quirky alternative rock heading, he also explores improvisation and collaboration with other artists and art forms.

Of his work, Ruth Schaulkhauser Tower of PYT says “Ross creates luxurious sounds that invite organic movement and sooth and caress your inner being. When he played a sample of his music I could have listened to it for hours! As he travels all over you won’t want to miss the opportunity to practice yoga while he’s here.”

He's excited to bring some of his atmospheric, electronic music to this yoga class after collaborating with yoga instructors from Colorado and New Mexico to New Hampshire this past year.

Ross will have his new album, Clouds, perfect for yoga and meditation, available for purchase at the studio ($12)! (Those who attend all four classes will receive it for free.)

Sunday, May 26th 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Yamuna Devi
Sunday, June 2nd 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Erin Wilson
Saturday, June 8 - 6 p.m. -7:30 p.m. - Alana Lee & Willow Rain (Team Teach with lots of hands on adjustments)
Sunday, June 9th 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Alana Grier

Drop-in rate: $15 or $40 for entire series.

Activate your Spirit - A 6 week Forrest Yoga Series with Kenna Tuggle

Welcome to Activate your Spirit! Saturdays March 2nd- April 6th, 9-10:30am

In this course we will explore our bodies, breath, and Spirit through the lens of Forrest Yoga, a method renowned for it's focus on deep breathing, amazing core work, and a passion for investigating the full self. Throughout the series you will learn how to connect with each theme (Light, Love, Pleasure, Power, Play, and Spirit) in an embodied, empowered, and fun way! After every session you will connect to your own strength, learn how to create the energy you want in your body and life, and, of course, activate your Spirit! 

This series is suitable for yogis of all backgrounds and levels.
Modifications will be handed out like candy if needed! 

Week One: Activate Your Light - an energizing and uplifting practice designed to help you SHINE (yes, with both sweat and bright energy). Come prepared to invigorate and wake up every part of your body with epic core work, and an even more epic full practice. 

Week Two: Activate Your Love - a deep dive into feeling, cultivating, and uptaking the energy of Self-Love. Learn how to nourish and give yourself love with your breath, energy, and touch. Come prepared for a delicious heart opening practice. 

Week Three: Activate Your Pleasure - an opportunity to cultivate and choose pleasure - in the poses, in your body, in your breath, in whatever feelings/emotions may arise. Come prepared for the deep pleasure of working in the hips!

Week Four: Activate Your Power - an exploration of fully feeling your own power and strength in a struggle-free way. Come prepared to feel your edges in a new way and find the ease in using your own strength -- today we work the legs! 

Week Five: Activate Your Play - all our Spirit's want to play! Come prepared to give yourself the gift of play and fun with this light-hearted inversion/arm balance practice. 

Week Six: Activate Your Spirit - It starts with the breath, and continues to fully integrate all the elements of activation learned in the series. Come prepared to wrap yourself in the energy of love and joy in this celebratory practice. 

Kenna Tuggle is a Transformational Coach, Forrest Yoga Teacher, Violinist, and Writer. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Kenna now lives in Taos, New Mexico. Kenna loves tea, hot springs, her pupper Luna, and helping people discover what light them up. Her classes are fun and compassionate, she gives amazing hands on assists, and she always holds her student’s to their highest potential – whatever that looks like that day!

FREE YOGA for anyone with Mental Health or Substance Use Conditions - ALL of October!

Sponsored by OPRE & Taos Alive we are so excited to be able to off FREE YOGA & Meditation to anyone with Mental Health or Substance Use conditions. This includes anyone in Recovery as well as anyone working in the field! This special offer is good for any Yoga or Meditation class on our regular class schedule. No questions asked, simply just write "OPRE" in the payment section. 

Here is our Yoga Class Schedule:

Mon-Satuday 9am - Yoga

Monday/Thursday 12pm - Gentle Yoga Pilates

Tuesday 12pm - Yoga

Weds/Fri 5pm - Yoga

Thursday 5pm - Meditation

Mon/Weds/Friday 6pm AcroYoga (partner acrobatic Yoga, no partner necessary)

We have a few gas cards available for those in need. We will also be gifting Yoga Mats to anyone who attends 12 or more classes during this time period. 

Questions? Call Alana Lee at 575-425-0709

Summer Solstice Celebration - 108 Sun Salutations

108 Surya Namaskar in Celebration of Summer Solstice Event

Thursday June 21st, 9-11 am, Suggested Donation $12

Whether you can do 8 or 108, we invite you to participate!  

Classical Sun Salutations accompanied by the bija sounds and mantras for each position creating a powerful practice!

Modifications will be given at the beginning of class. 

If you don't want to do a physical practice, you are welcome to do a silent meditation, or chant along with the mantras.  A full guided relaxation will complete the practice.  All proceeds will benefit Stray Hearts Animal Shelter.

Soothe Your Psoas - Trauma Informed Yoga - 3 week Series w/ Nita Maddux

Tuesdays 4:30-6pm, Beginning 6/12-6/26, By DONATION, attend all four or just drop in :)

What is trauma informed yoga? Well, honestly almost all hatha yoga is trauma informed.  It is the awareness that our body holds onto the tension and memories from past events. Through reworking the pattern of breathing, and releasing tension sometimes the past trauma is also able to release.  

 When we take the body out of patterns of flight or fight behavior something else happens. The executive functions of the brain become more available. These are the ability to look ahead, and see consequences of your actions, and make more rational decisions; the ability to remain in equilibrium while facing difficult, potentially triggering scenarios.

What do we do?  Through breath work practices, literally changing your patterns of breathing, stretching in specific shapes, and playfully changing old patterns of movement; we are able to break old patterns of thought and behavior. Many people experience deep relaxation and release from tension.

How effective is it? It is different for every person, how open are you to change?

I am offering this as a donation class. Come and try it, and decide if you want to pay after, and only pay what you can comfortably afford. This class will be adapted to who shows up; the level will vary depending on the participants. However, there is always opportunity for challenges for even the most experienced yogi. Further, this is an opportunity for teachers to learn a potentially new style.

Come, play, breathe, and learn to release.

Nita Maddux Bio:

Educational/ Certification Background: I have a degree in Fine Arts/ Dance from Boston University from 1990; I returned to school and received a degree in Physics from University of Montana in 2009.  I am a certified RYS 200 Iyengar instructor.  I took my yoga training at Maui Yoga Shala.  I further took a training in Ubud, Bali at Frog Lotus School in recovery yoga, also RYS 200 certified. I received both certifications in 2013. I have taken trainings from Elena Brower in Yoga Nidra, and from Deepak Chopra in embodied yoga. I have done two trainings with Desiree Rumbaugh.

Personal yogic philosophy:

I enjoy teaching to students at all levels. I am focused on teaching alignment, and taking the time to clearly describe the alignment elements in challenging postures.  I think that intelligent sequencing of postures is essential for allowing the practitioner to develop strength, spacial understanding, and to explore the emotional process triggered through a regular practice. I believe a regular yoga practice deepens our relationship to our physical, and subtle body. It therefore, allows the individual to awaken their own healing processes at the deepest level. I welcome the challenge, and love to research how to work with people with injuries or health challenges. Often those who think yoga is not for them, are the exact people who ought to practice. I believe in creating joyful, creative, intelligent flows. I believe each practice should be fun, engaging, and an intelligent conversation with your body. I am committed to taking my yoga off the mat, and offering donation or free classes. Further, I like to teach to senior groups, children’s groups, and would like to do further work with the criminal justice system. Yoga to me is an important service, and a great way to build community.