The High Frequency Loft is a high powered training studio and spiritual community space in Taos New Mexico started by Alana Lee. After twelve years instructing at high-end gyms, corporations and studios in Los Angeles & San Francisco (Google, Yogaworks, Bay Club, Crunch, Task Rabbit, Yoga Mayu, Mark Blanchard's Power Yoga, Rising Lotus, Forward Fold, Yada Yada Yoga, SF Pole & Dance, and more), personally training athletes, CEOs, Princesses and celebrity clients, they chose to bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to Taos NM. Here, we have created a space for visitors to root though their physicality so they can expand their spirituality for self healing through AcroYoga (the partner practice of communication), meditation, vegan food, music, dance, fitness and so much more. 

The High Frequency Loft is here to create a space for mindful movement and uplifting events. A family friendly atmosphere focused towards helping people raise their vibration. Join us in supporting our mission; to bring awareness to mind, body and spirit. The H.F.L. will offer movement based group classes and personal sessions for all ages. Focusing on mind body awareness and strength through individual and partner yoga, acroyoga, acrobatics, ecstatic dance, pilates, barre, fitness, TRX, flow arts, meditation and more. We will also be hosting events such as music, movies & art of all forms.    

The H.F.L. supports a Non-Alcoholic lifestyle and hopes to bring awareness to the necessity of healthy nourishment for the body through the liquids and foods we ingest. Teaming up with Neopasado food truck we will be serving foods & beverages that compliment physical and spiritual health. Come enjoy our tea lounge atmosphere whenever you need to refresh or recharge.

We would like to raise the Frequency of this planet. We are igniting energy around how we can help change the frequency of the world by improving our individual vibration. When we can embrace the uniqueness in every individuals’ creativity, and acknowledge the love and courage in humility, we can bring about peace from within. With action there is change and with change there is a future. Please help us to make a positive impact for everyone as we start our journey towards creating a space for positive vibrations and transformation.

With emphasis on breathing techniques and using movement as a meditation, the HFL practices mindful movement, dance, yoga and fitness to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Alana Lee, Founder

Willow Rain, Yoga Instructor

Yamuna Devi, Yoga Instructor

Alana Grier, Belly Dance, Pilates, Yoga Instructor

Summer Yeagley, Yoga Instructor

Frankie Love, Yoga Instructor

Julian LaRosa, Qigong, Kundalini

Hannah Pierce, Yoga Instructor

Carlo Ratz, Fitness Instructor

Margarita Manleon, Sound Healing Gong Meditation