Honu a'la Dance Circle with Babe Helvey

“Honu a’la” ~ The Turtle’s Way

Saturday October 21st, 2pm-3:30pm

In Honuala Dance Circle we will honor the path of the turtle. Everyone who attends will be encouraged to participate in their own way, and at their own pace. We will come together to celebrate the spirit of serenity and joy. Sometimes all we need is a simple positive reset to help us remember how to lead from the heart. These songs and dances are based on the idea of living in beauty. They have the unique ability to bring people closer, while allowing walls to fall away. Plus, they’re fun! Honuala Dances are gentle, non-religious, meditative movement that requires no skill or previous experience. Come explore a new way of shedding stress and casting off the burden of the world. Find peace through community movement and song.

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Growing up on a mango farm in Honaunau, on the big Island of Hawaii, Babe Helvey learned the gentle power of a simple song. Inspired by the Honu, or Sea Turtle, she continues to share her rhythms, dances and stories. Currently living in Taos, New Mexico, Babe brings a lifetime of treasures to share. Her body of work contains music, poetry, story, dance, song, and other surprises. Come see what flows forth.