Taos Women's Self Defense Workshop at Eco Park

TAOS WOMEN’S SELF DEFENSE - This workshop will be moved to Eco Park. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Come make new friends while you learn self defense techniques in a women’s only workshop. This class will be led by Samuel Burke-Favero, NASM certified personal trainer, martial artist and certified wrestling coach, martial artist John Pepe.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. Pre-class stretch and warmup begins at 4:30.






Location: Eco Park

Thursdays November 16th, 4:30-5:50pm


Get CPR/AED/First Aid Certification Renewal with Alana Grier

Time to get your CPR/AED/First Aid Certification Renewal!

Saturday October 21st


CPR/AED card $40.00

With First Aid $50.00

CPR/AED and First Aid

Classes and 2 year certification cards with ASHI. The purpose of the Adult CPR/AED course is to give individuals in the workplace the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and provide basic first aid care for breathing and cardiac emergencies until advanced medical personnel arrive and take over. This course includes use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). This course also teaches participants: priority of care; safety concerns; and first aid skills. 

With Alana Grier LMT, RYT, Cht, Certified Professional Coach, Yoga Therapy and Personal Training.


High Frequency Loft (HFL) - 1335 Gusdorf Road, Suite Q highfrequencyloft.com



Movement & Performance Theatre: Somatic & Embodiment Training for Actors, Change Agents, Movers & Shakers with Visudha de los Santos

Movement & Performance Theatre

Somatic & Embodiment Training for Actors, Change Agents, & Mover and Shakers! 

October 14th, 2017, 12 – 6 p.m.- High Frequency Loft

A fun, exploratory & experiential, introductory movement course to harness your innate bodily wisdom and shift your bodily consciousness. Through accessing your body-state, sensory-motor perception, and intentionally directed action you can become the embodiment of any persona you desire. 

You will breathe, sense, move and touch in an effort to recover your own wisdom and creativity. Recognizing that the mind moves and shapes the body, we will forge connections between the mind and body. You will access and construct knowledge in the body (thus increasing your body vocabulary and gestures); and deepen your ability to act and respond in the world.  You will move in new ways; transform your experience of your self; generate greater stage presence; and strengthen your performance skills all from a place of greater authenticity and ease.

About The Teacher:

Visudha de los Santos – Musician, dancer, director and artist is trained in expressive arts and somatic psychology; the 5Rhythms movement meditation practice; and vibrational sound.  Creator of the GongJourney, & the School of Mystery in Motion, she is an international awareness and transformation coach and teacher.  Known for her presence, clarity and passion for life, she will rock your world!


Please wear layers of clothes that you can sweat in.

Please be fed but not overly full – it would be a good day for brunch!

Please bring: 3-5 accessories/props, water bottle, & a snack.

Be ready to move, be moved, play and create.

$60 Presale Tickets available online at www.highfrequencyloft.com

$75-$100 sliding scale at the door

Usui/Holy Fire II REIKI Level One Training w/ Bee Falcon

Join Bee Falcon, MA, Intuitive Reader, & Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master for Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Level One Training.

Wednesday, 10/11/17 & Friday, 10/13/17

 1:15 pm – 4:30 pm each day

Learn Reiki as a gentle though profound energy healing modality. Reiki is a peaceful path of relaxation, relief from anxiety, pain, & stress, as well as a spiritual meditative practice. This class will mainly focus on the Intuitive Method of Reiki healing. We will use the International Center for Reiki Training Reiki Levels One & Two manual as reference during class. This comprehensive manual includes the traditional Hayashi hand methods & information on Japanese and Reiki healing techniques. It is not required to purchase for this class, though will be available for additional $20.  

What to Expect in Bee’s Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Level One class:

  • Empowering, Intuitive, heart-guided Reiki
  • Learn how to facilitate a dynamic Reiki healing session
  • An historical perspective on the evolution of Reiki that will explore the Usui Sensei lineage leading to William Lee Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) who taught Bee’s teachers & mentors
  • Reflect on the development of Usui Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki as taught by the ICRT
  • Explore Reiki as a path to personal & collective healing through prayer, meditation, & various treatment techniques
  • Participate in discussions, healing experiences, and hands-on sessions both giving & receiving Reiki
  • Guidance from a Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master & MA, Anthropology with an empathic healing background.
  • Receive a Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Level One practitioner certificate from the ICRT upon successful completion of the class.
  • Cost for both days of Reiki Level One training is $80 per person


MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality with Nikesha Breeze

Sunday October 8th:
4pm-6pm                        6pm-8pm
male identifying         female identifying

In this months’s ongoing series of workshops we’ll be continuing to learn and practice the MogaDao sexual essence qigong forms and introduce the personal sexual vitality and self-cultivation practices, including internal alchemy, accupressure, massage andbreath work.   These workshops will focus in part on the practices that relate directly to the anatomies of males and females respectively, and/or the energies thereof. Gender non-conforming individuals, transgender individuals, and intersex individuals may study in whichever context(s) they identify.

We will also be discussing the nature of sacred sexuality, personal practice and energetic care with regard to various styles of relationship; we will be addressing the powerful and important association between healing (from chronic illnesses) and the very particular practices and ideologies of MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality; and spiritually we’ll be addressing the question of how sexuality and spirituality are integrated in MogaDao: The Way of Complete Harmony, for all individuals, from the consciously celibate to those in sexual relationships. 

These teachings and practices are derived from the original practice tradition of MogaDao, created and founded by Zhenzan Dao. For more information please visit 

$30 or sliding scale $0-$45

high frequency loft
1331 gusdorf road suite q, Taos

Surya Namaskar - Solar Powered Sadhana - Four Week Series: Part 1 - w/ Yamuna Devi

Surya Namasker – Solar Powered Sadhana 

Four week series Sundays 1:30pm-3pm beginning October 8th.

Until the early 20th century, Surya Namaskar was a Vedic practice – a ritual honoring the arrival of Surya, the Sun and was practiced as a morning prayer.  The Sun Salutation was much more than an exercise, and praised the Sun in 12 aspects as he moves through the 12 astrological houses.   The Sun Salutation began being integrated into Hatha Yoga practice after Swami Sivananda recognized the many health benefits that are a side effect of the practice, sometime in the late 1930’s-40’s.  Today, Surya Namaskar is found in many lineages of Hatha Yoga.

A four week series exploring the Vedic roots and history of the classical Salutation to the Sun and its evolution into a completeHatha Yoga practice. Learn how to activate the chakras and chant the bija (seed) sounds and mantras for each posture.  Appropriate modifications of all postures and movements can easily be modified for both the beginner and the experienced student, as well as those with physical or medical limitations.  Each class will include theory as well as practice, so bring a notebook and pen, as well as your mat, and will conclude with guided deep relaxation.  You can attend any or all of the first three sessions, however Week 4 requires participation in the preceding sessions.

Week 1:  Surya Namaskar - Salutation to the Sun
In the first class, you will be introduced to the Classical Sun Salutation with a focus on correct alignment in each position. Modifications andadaptations will be offered that will allow all levels of student to comfortably practice Surya Namaskar.  Students with medical or physical limitations will be shown how to safely accommodate individual needs.  

Week 2:  Surya Namaskar and Solar Chakra Activation
When we practice the Salutation to the Sun, powerful activation of the chakras can be consciously initiated through visualization and intention. Not only are the major chakras brought into play, but also some of the many minor chakras located in the body.  In the second portion of class, you will learn how to combine the chakra work with the Sun Salutation.

Week 3:  Surya Namaskar and the Bija Sounds and Mantras
In the Vedic tradition, each of the postures of the Sun Salutation has a one syllable ‘seed’  sound, and a Surya mantra describing the attributes of the Sun. The mantras may be recited as a meditation, as well as incorporated into Surya Namaskar, which will be covered in the second portion of this class.  


Week 4:  Integration of Surya Namaskar – Solar Powered Sadhana. 
In the final installment of the series, a brief review of chakra activation and the bijas and mantras will move us into a practice that will blend all aspects into the actual practice, creating the Solar Powered Sadhana!  Participation in the first three classes is necessary as this is the culmination of the series!

$20/Class or all four $75 in advance!  Sliding Scale – no one turned away for lack of funds.


Yamuna Devi, CYT, TY YTT has been teaching the Yogic Arts and Sciences for 30 years, including Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti and Nada Yoga, as well as the vibrational aspects of Sanskrit. A Reiki Master, Yamuna corrected her own scoliosis and rotated pelvis, and intuitively understands the needs and how to best work with each individual student, helping to identify and overcome perceived limitations and obstacles.  She is truly in her element when she is sharing knowledge with those who are hungry. She has taught around the US, India and Crete and was an original cofounder of the Three Rivers Yoga Institute, where she also trained teachers for 12 years.  Yamuna is also a potter, Animal Communicator, Kirtan Singer and Dog Mom to three rescues.

Mindfulness Weekend Workshop

Saturday June 17th 11am-6pm and Sunday June 18th 12pm-6pm
@ High Frequency Loft (HFL) in Taos, NM

Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Techniques
Non Violent Communication
and basic Yoga for stress management
With Alana Grier, LMT, E-RYT, CPC, ChT.

Mindfulness techniques reduce anxiety and feelings of panic, manage chronic pain and other conditions. Learn basic mindfulness exercises, basic Yoga and Non Violent Communication techniques to improve overall quality of life and your relationships.

$175.00 for the weekend workshop. Sliding scale available

No previous experience is required.

365 Well Yoga Instructor School is a a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS). This workshop provides 15 hour certificates for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits.

Contact Alana Grier 575-224-2022 or alanag@365well.org

200 RYT - Dhvani Yoga Instructor Training w/ Alana Grier June 10th-August 27th

Want to become a Yoga Teacher? Are you already a teacher & need CEUs? Take the training in totality or just do individual weekend workshops! 

365 Well Yoga Instructor School A Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS)

200-RYT® Dhvani Yoga Instructor Program Lead Trainer: Alana Grier, LMT, E-RYT, CPC, ChT.

2017 Summer Schedule

12 Weekends June 10th through August 27th 2017 Each 15 hour weekend workshop meets Saturdays 11:00am - 6:00pm
Sundays 12:00am- 6:00pm

- Learn to teach basic asana/postures with knowledge of each posture’s benefits, modifications and identifying muscles being utilized.

- Learn to practice and teach pranayama, mindfulness and meditation.

- Learn to Practice and teach Nada Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Mantra Japa.

- Learn about Yoga history, Raja Yoga & the 8 Limbs of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

- Trainees will gain over 25 hours in teaching experience in all aspects of Yoga instruction.

Summer Schedule
Weekend 1: Techniques: Asana Breakdown
Weekend 2: Mindfulness in Yoga
Weekend 3: Yoga History and Texts
Weekend 4: Nada Yoga and Mantra Japa
Weekend 5: Anatomy and Physiology
Weekend 6: Teaching Methodologies
Weekend 7: Techniques, Training and Practice: Pranayama Weekend 8: Techniques, Training and Practice: Meditation Weekend 9: Practice: Asana Flow 15 hours (Practicum) Weekend 10: Training: Asana Instruction (Practicum) Weekend 11: Methodologies and Ethics
Weekend 12: Bhakti Yoga

Full 200 Hour Program Tuition: $2000.00 Payment Plans Available Individual Weekend Workshop Cost: $175.00

6/10 - 6/11 6/17 - 6/18 6/24 - 6/25 7/1 - 7/2
7/8 - 7/9 7/15 - 7/16 7/22 - 7/23 7/29 - 7/30 8/5 - 8/6 8/12 - 8/13 8/19 - 8/20 8/26 - 8/27

Each of the weekend workshops provides 15 hour certificates for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits YACEC’s for YA Instructors needing CEU’s/CEC’s.

Contact Alana Grier 575-224-2022 or alanag@365well.org 365well.org