MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality with Nikesha Breeze

Sunday October 8th:
4pm-6pm                        6pm-8pm
male identifying         female identifying

In this months’s ongoing series of workshops we’ll be continuing to learn and practice the MogaDao sexual essence qigong forms and introduce the personal sexual vitality and self-cultivation practices, including internal alchemy, accupressure, massage andbreath work.   These workshops will focus in part on the practices that relate directly to the anatomies of males and females respectively, and/or the energies thereof. Gender non-conforming individuals, transgender individuals, and intersex individuals may study in whichever context(s) they identify.

We will also be discussing the nature of sacred sexuality, personal practice and energetic care with regard to various styles of relationship; we will be addressing the powerful and important association between healing (from chronic illnesses) and the very particular practices and ideologies of MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality; and spiritually we’ll be addressing the question of how sexuality and spirituality are integrated in MogaDao: The Way of Complete Harmony, for all individuals, from the consciously celibate to those in sexual relationships. 

These teachings and practices are derived from the original practice tradition of MogaDao, created and founded by Zhenzan Dao. For more information please visit 

$30 or sliding scale $0-$45

high frequency loft
1331 gusdorf road suite q, Taos

Mind Gymnasium - Activate your full Potential w/ Samuel Favero

Sunday September 10th, 5pm 

Mind Gymnasium - led by Samuel Favero
Enhance your focus. Activate your unconscious power and intelligence. Manifest your full potential.

Mind Gymnasium is a workshop designed to introduce participants to traditional and cutting edge methods of performance enhancement through mental training. Breathwork, Guided Imagery, Auto-Suggestion, and Trance Utilization will be used in conjunction with physical practice and group exercises to demonstrate how altered states of consciousness can be used for personal development. 

Samuel Favero is a Wilderness EMT, Personal Trainer, Certified Hypnotherapist, and author of Knearl Znapps’s Book of Trances.