Adventures in Consciousness with Ariana - August

“Adventures in Consciousness with Ariana” is a monthly event without structure or outline. In light of the new energies, you can't plan on anything, you have to be in the NOW. 

We will gather, connect and feel into the unified energy field of the group and the collective. The focus will be on activating the multidimensional mind and strengthening the “feeling muscle”. This is something new for all of us. How do you communicate with the unseen and undefined? That which is always moving, changing, shifting frequency? How do you translate THAT into human words? Do you need to? Can you express it in another way? 

Let’s find out!

These events could be referred to as the “Multidimensional Playground”, where we explore the heart space as the entry point to the inner worlds of infinite possibilities, where there’s no limit to what we can manifest, CO-CREATE, birth, experience, encounter and play with.

Through guided meditation and energy exercises we will explore a wide variety of topics relevant to the Journey of Awakening:

Unified Energy Fields
Multidimensional Self & Multidimensional Communication
Bilocation and Interdimensional Travel
DNA Activation, Light Body, Merkaba
Portals, Gateways, Gridwork
Healing, Self-healing, Rejuvenation
Ascension and Embodiment of the True Self
Taos City of Light

We are all awakening and beginning to REMEMBER that we are multidimensional beings. As we are all very unique in our genetic design and star heritage, we will empower and inspire each other to bring out the inherent skills hidden in our subconscious.

The first event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16th at 4 PM, after that we meet every second Saturday of the month.

By donation. 

Hosted by Ariana (aka Vera Le Doux):

Mindfulness Weekend Retreat w/ Alana Grier

We will focus on evidence based stress reduction approaches including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program by Jon Kabat- Zinn. Students also explore the origins of Mindfulness practices in ancient Yogic texts. 

Learn Mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety and feelings of panic, manage chronic pain and other conditions, and improve overall quality of life and relationships. Within these ten hours, we will become comfortable with basic mindfulness exercises regularly taught in MBSR.

Yoga Teacher can receive CEU's for taking this course. 

Saturday 1/27 & Sunday 1/28: 11am-6pm

Cost: $175


Mindfulness Weekend Workshop

Saturday June 17th 11am-6pm and Sunday June 18th 12pm-6pm
@ High Frequency Loft (HFL) in Taos, NM

Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Techniques
Non Violent Communication
and basic Yoga for stress management
With Alana Grier, LMT, E-RYT, CPC, ChT.

Mindfulness techniques reduce anxiety and feelings of panic, manage chronic pain and other conditions. Learn basic mindfulness exercises, basic Yoga and Non Violent Communication techniques to improve overall quality of life and your relationships.

$175.00 for the weekend workshop. Sliding scale available

No previous experience is required.

365 Well Yoga Instructor School is a a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS). This workshop provides 15 hour certificates for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits.

Contact Alana Grier 575-224-2022 or