Activate your Spirit - A 6 week Forrest Yoga Series with Kenna Tuggle

Welcome to Activate your Spirit! Saturdays March 2nd- April 6th, 9-10:30am

In this course we will explore our bodies, breath, and Spirit through the lens of Forrest Yoga, a method renowned for it's focus on deep breathing, amazing core work, and a passion for investigating the full self. Throughout the series you will learn how to connect with each theme (Light, Love, Pleasure, Power, Play, and Spirit) in an embodied, empowered, and fun way! After every session you will connect to your own strength, learn how to create the energy you want in your body and life, and, of course, activate your Spirit! 

This series is suitable for yogis of all backgrounds and levels.
Modifications will be handed out like candy if needed! 

Week One: Activate Your Light - an energizing and uplifting practice designed to help you SHINE (yes, with both sweat and bright energy). Come prepared to invigorate and wake up every part of your body with epic core work, and an even more epic full practice. 

Week Two: Activate Your Love - a deep dive into feeling, cultivating, and uptaking the energy of Self-Love. Learn how to nourish and give yourself love with your breath, energy, and touch. Come prepared for a delicious heart opening practice. 

Week Three: Activate Your Pleasure - an opportunity to cultivate and choose pleasure - in the poses, in your body, in your breath, in whatever feelings/emotions may arise. Come prepared for the deep pleasure of working in the hips!

Week Four: Activate Your Power - an exploration of fully feeling your own power and strength in a struggle-free way. Come prepared to feel your edges in a new way and find the ease in using your own strength -- today we work the legs! 

Week Five: Activate Your Play - all our Spirit's want to play! Come prepared to give yourself the gift of play and fun with this light-hearted inversion/arm balance practice. 

Week Six: Activate Your Spirit - It starts with the breath, and continues to fully integrate all the elements of activation learned in the series. Come prepared to wrap yourself in the energy of love and joy in this celebratory practice. 

Kenna Tuggle is a Transformational Coach, Forrest Yoga Teacher, Violinist, and Writer. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Kenna now lives in Taos, New Mexico. Kenna loves tea, hot springs, her pupper Luna, and helping people discover what light them up. Her classes are fun and compassionate, she gives amazing hands on assists, and she always holds her student’s to their highest potential – whatever that looks like that day!