Modern Partnering / Acro Flow Workshop w/ traveling Teacher Anthony of Pilobolus Circus

Modern Partnering / Acro Flow - Wednesday September 4th, 2019 - 6pm-8:30pm (in lieu of normal acro class)

Communication through movement in the style of Pilobolus. Learn fluid and dynamic partner moves where weight is shared equally back and forth between partners. Exploring all types of partnering including: Weight sharing, cantilevers, posting, lifts, leading/following, base/flyer, partner acro, reciprocal and dynamic movements. We will facilitate discovery with guided improvisation techniques around a structured vocabulary. Come in comfortable fitted clothing and ready to move. No partner necessary; all levels welcome!


Anthony is fascinated, overjoyed, and nourished by the communication of bodies in motion. Born and raised in Alaska instilled in him a love of nature and a grounded spirit. He has danced, climbed, and created all his life- and began blending his theatre training with circus arts in 2006. He has since studied and graduated from the New England Centre for Circus Arts (NECCA) ProTrack Program(2011Chinese Pole & Hoop Diving, 2014Hand to Hand), where he was then employed as an acrobatics instructor. In 2011, he began a three year contract working with Pilobolus Dance Theatre exploring the fusion of dance, acrobatics, and partner movement. Reconnecting with the circus community in 2014 brought Anthony to Montreal where he trained hand-to-hand and was a part of creating the show Tinder and Ash ( with 4 other graduates of the NECCA Protrack program. In 2017 he joined the team at (TSNY-DC as a part of the fly staff and a coach in the acrobatic/aerial program. Mostly based in the North East between NECCA and TSNY-DC, Anthony has trained and worked as a performer, instructor, and rigger across the U.S. and internationally, from Anchorage to Miami, Montreal to Macedonia, and is excited to continue his path of passion for movement.

Advanced AcroYoga, Dance Lifts & Partner Acrobatics Series w/ Scott Cooper & Alana Lee

Join Scott Cooper & Alana Lee for this fun two part acrobatics series, $20 single session/ $30 full series

Part 1 - Advanced AcroYoga - Wednesday August 14, 6-8:30pm (in place of regular acroyoga class time)
"Controlled & Strong Transitions"
The proper absorbing and pouring of weight allows partnerships to find single point stability during movement. This journey begins by exploring precarious transitions that challenge your understanding of balance. These skills will then be incorporated into more dynamic movements such as whips and pops.

Part 2 - Adagio Dance Lifts- Friday August 16, 6-8:30pm (in place of regular acroyoga class time)
We will be exploring rotational dance lifts that take flyers through inversions (and back). Focus will be on shape and control as we gradually take things higher and higher.
Time permitting we can also work static & dynamic standing acro, hand to hand & trio work 🤗

more on Scott:

HFL Two Year Anniversary Party - Art Installations, Live Music, Poetry, Acro Yoga, Belly Dance, Dance Party, Raffle & MORE

Sunday March 17th, 4pm Open House, 5pm Opening Ceremony, 5:30pm Live Performances Begin

Traditional Native Blessing, Live Music, Poetry, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Acro Yoga, Dance Party, Plant Based Food & Bake Sale, Chair Massage, Art Installations, Art Station, Live Drumming, Sound Healing, card Readings, Crystals, Raffle & MORE!

4pm Open House Meet the Teachers - mini sample classes - art station with Sydney Bernstein

5pm Opening Ceremony Native Blessing & Prayer

5:30pm Live Performances Begin

Live Music by: Alexandra & Krystal, Alana Grier, Natalina, Esme Olivia, Simone, Bo Mason & Vic Henegan

Poetry: Matthew Salzman, Tamara Stackpoole, Scott Adaire

Acrobatic Performance: HFL Team - Alana Lee, Colton Silva, Amy Gates, Willow & Carlo Ratz, Cory Brandt, Matthew Salzman, Scott Adaire

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - Alana Grier & company

Art Installation:

Mieshiel will be exhibiting six very large intricate pencil drawings from a series called “In the Field” which are surrealistic works based on creating reality from the zero point field where all things become possible.

Mieshiel was born in New York City. He attended Friends Seminary & received his BFA in 1986 from California Institute of the Arts. Upon graduations, Mieshiel moved into a 19th century Masonic Temple in Los Angeles where he co-founded Temple Art Performance, a hub for avante-garde performance art, music & visual art. He later moved to New Mexico & spent the next 24 years in near seclusion, living off the grid. In this high desert sanctuary timelessness & utter quiet allowed him to experience an endless barage of mystical experiences where his art connection with Pablo Amaringo was revealed. In 1982 Mieshiel won competition & created a street mural at Irving Place in NYC. His work has been exhibited nationally & is included in the permanent collections of the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos.

Musical Talent:

Esmé Olivia is a performing & teaching artist grateful to have grown up in occupied Tiwa Pueblo lands known as Albuquerque, NM to a Mestiza Mexican-American mother & Dutch father. Her blood is a peace treaty she honors through prayers of dance, poetry & song. She is a company member with Dancing Earth Creations. Listen, look and learn more at

Vic Hennegan has been writing, recording, producing and performing electronic music for several years. As a live performer he has performed at such shows as The Gathering Concert Series in Philadelphia, Cyberstock of Los Angeles, Ecstatic Dance, 5 Rhythms Dance, Soul Motion, Northern California Dance Collective and many other venues around the world. With computers, samplers, vocals and synthesizers, Hennegan’s instinctive hand creates techno- trance and ambient music in a wildly fun, uplifting spiritual experience that will take your soul on a journey to the center of ecstasy.

Alana Grier is a songwriter, vocalist, and bass player with a world beat, eclectic sound. She wrote her first songs performing in Reggae bands in Hawaii, opening up for bands like Alpha Blondie in the mid 80’s. Her first vocal coach studied Hindustani classical voice India. She went to her first Kirtan at age 17 and music has been an integral part of her spiritual practice ever since.

Natalina sharing original music in her brand of Galactic Folkpop


  • HFL classes passes & a monthly membership

  • Personal Sessions with: Alana Lee, Colton Silva, Willow Ratz

  • Gift Cards: Cici’s Coffee, Donabe, Gutiz, The Gorge Restaurant

  • Personal Coaching Package with Alana Grier 365 Wellness

  • Energy Healing Session with Ariana LeDeux

  • Art by Sydney Bernstein

  • Print of original artwork by Mieshiel

  • Three One Hour Reiki Sessions (each $60 value) : with - Jessie of Moon Child Crystals, Julian Laroza & Pattie Sampson

  • Massage Sessions with Corey Klein

  • Rife Healing Session with Melanie Redmond

    Many thanks to everyone who donated to our raffle & all our students & staff that contributed to the Plant Based Bake Sale!

HFL at Taos Yoga Festival - AcroYoga Class & Performance

Join us September 1 and 2 in magical Taos, New Mexico for a weekend of exceptional yoga offerings for the whole family. Shop local vendors, taste the native fare and indulge your desire for metaphysical discovery.

HFL is super excited to be a part of the amazing line up for the first annual Taos Yoga Festival happening  out at KTaos Solar Center. We will be teaching AcroYoga for beginners on Sunday Sept 2nd, 9-10:30am. Then we will be performing a partner acrobatic due as well as a group routine with our students from HFL. Please join us!

Also, Taos Yoga Festival is teaming up with Field Tripping Music Festival show your pass or ticket at the door & recieve $10 off! :)

Check out the full weekends line up at

Handstand Secrets with Alana Lee & Colton Silva

SATURDAY May 20th 2-4pm, $15

Join Alana & Colton for this fun filled workshop to demystify the handstand. Learn a few tricks of the trade easy tips that will change the life of your handstand forever. No experience necessary. All levels welcome. 
We will cover:

  • Building Blocks to learn from the ground up
  • Proper Alignment & Technique
  • Core Strength & Conditioning
  • Wrist & Shoulder Mobility & Flexibility 
  • Home exercises  for continuing progress