Modern Partnering / Acro Flow Workshop w/ traveling Teacher Anthony of Pilobolus Circus

Modern Partnering / Acro Flow - Wednesday September 4th, 2019 - 6pm-8:30pm (in lieu of normal acro class)

Communication through movement in the style of Pilobolus. Learn fluid and dynamic partner moves where weight is shared equally back and forth between partners. Exploring all types of partnering including: Weight sharing, cantilevers, posting, lifts, leading/following, base/flyer, partner acro, reciprocal and dynamic movements. We will facilitate discovery with guided improvisation techniques around a structured vocabulary. Come in comfortable fitted clothing and ready to move. No partner necessary; all levels welcome!


Anthony is fascinated, overjoyed, and nourished by the communication of bodies in motion. Born and raised in Alaska instilled in him a love of nature and a grounded spirit. He has danced, climbed, and created all his life- and began blending his theatre training with circus arts in 2006. He has since studied and graduated from the New England Centre for Circus Arts (NECCA) ProTrack Program(2011Chinese Pole & Hoop Diving, 2014Hand to Hand), where he was then employed as an acrobatics instructor. In 2011, he began a three year contract working with Pilobolus Dance Theatre exploring the fusion of dance, acrobatics, and partner movement. Reconnecting with the circus community in 2014 brought Anthony to Montreal where he trained hand-to-hand and was a part of creating the show Tinder and Ash ( with 4 other graduates of the NECCA Protrack program. In 2017 he joined the team at (TSNY-DC as a part of the fly staff and a coach in the acrobatic/aerial program. Mostly based in the North East between NECCA and TSNY-DC, Anthony has trained and worked as a performer, instructor, and rigger across the U.S. and internationally, from Anchorage to Miami, Montreal to Macedonia, and is excited to continue his path of passion for movement.