Advanced AcroYoga, Dance Lifts & Partner Acrobatics Series w/ Scott Cooper & Alana Lee

Join Scott Cooper & Alana Lee for this fun two part acrobatics series, $20 single session/ $30 full series

Part 1 - Advanced AcroYoga - Wednesday August 14, 6-8:30pm (in place of regular acroyoga class time)
"Controlled & Strong Transitions"
The proper absorbing and pouring of weight allows partnerships to find single point stability during movement. This journey begins by exploring precarious transitions that challenge your understanding of balance. These skills will then be incorporated into more dynamic movements such as whips and pops.

Part 2 - Adagio Dance Lifts- Friday August 16, 6-8:30pm (in place of regular acroyoga class time)
We will be exploring rotational dance lifts that take flyers through inversions (and back). Focus will be on shape and control as we gradually take things higher and higher.
Time permitting we can also work static & dynamic standing acro, hand to hand & trio work 🤗

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Thai Yoga & Bodywork w/ Heather Promise

Thai Yoga Bodywork with Heather Promise

Spend your special evening together enjoying the rich experience of “Lazy Man's Yoga”. No experience necessary. In this class, each partner will have an opportunity to give and to receive soothing bodywork, as Heather Promise guides you with step by step instructions. This ancient practice provides a blissful stretch, relieves tension, increases range of motion, and prepares the body for all of your intimate Valentine's Day evening activities. Wear comfy clothes.

Wednesday March 21st, 7:30-8:30pm