Three Trees Sound Healing Journey! Sonic Alchemy Medicine <3

Sunday August 25th, 6pm-8pm, $30 Presale (link below) OR $35 at the door

This Sonic Ceremony is an Alchemy of Shamanic and Contemporary Sound Healing infused with Love and Divine guidance. A vibrational portal is opened that gives participants deep access to Source, higher consciousness and ancestral lineage, and what is needed for the highest good � (2hr)

With over 19 yrs. sound healing experience, Three Trees integrates many methodologies and traditions into the powerful SoulMonic (Soul-harmonics) Sound Healing Journey. This is a sound healing blended with a shamanic journey that takes you into a magical rhythmic and harmonic experience, leading to new depths of energetic healing, clearing and awakening...
Using a variety of sound healing techniques and instruments, including the didgeridoo, crystal & Tibetan bowls, vocal toning, ancient chants, gongs, tuning forks, flute, Halo drum/Rav Vast, chimes, and rattles, while focusing on the therapeutic powers locked within the Drum and healing rhythms.
SoulMonic Sound Healing journeys take you into a state of Sacred being, wherein you experience transformative, deep connectedness as you journey into your own personal, multi-dimensional experience.

SoulMonic Sound Healings:
Different sound frequencies/vibrations interact with our physical, emotional and energetic bodies in beneficial ways. These effects are increased when through Divine guidance in a Sacred and safe container... many of the effects that can be experienced...

~ Promotes Deep Meditation
~ Align bio-rhythms
~ Release Emotional Trauma
~ Clear and balance chakras
~ Release stagnant energies
~ relief of physical and emotional pain
~ Relieves Anxiety and Stress
~ Sonic Entrainment to Sync and Reset the body's systems
~ Decreases Depression
~ Open Higher States of Consciousness
~ Clear and activate DNA and meridians
~ Feelings of Peace and Oneness
~ Normalizes Blood Pressure
~ Receive inner guidance and insight
~ Unlock the body's self-healing powers
~ Deepen your connection to Divine love & peace

From ancestral connection and memory to Divine communion and awakenings, come immerse in the rhythms and frequencies for our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health and evolution... Hope to see you there :)

As always, this is open to the bring a friend :)

Self investment : $30 Pre-Sale order here:

OR $35 at the door.
more info @ or call me direct @. 480-748-1675
length: 2 hr.

special info: bringing a pillow is recommended for comfort. A limited supply of yoga mats and blankets will be available, but bringing your own is encouraged :)
Love and Bless... Three Trees