Elemental Ecstatic Dance Experience w/ Acoustic Sound Bath

Sunday July 25th, 6pm - 8pm, Suggested Sliding Scale $10-$20

Lead by Robert John Malone aka Mr Malone

Robert is a Nationally Recognized Sound Healing Practitioner, Artist, Producer & Visionary. Who fort the last decade has hosted over 100 workshops and performed at some of the top transformational festivals, wellness expos & yoga events in the US.

 He has an extensive portfolio in the A/V Industry & Intelligent Dance Music Community. Over the last decade his works and popularity have begun traversing the globe as he’s been sharing his music & insights on the Sacred Spirit of Sound at renowned transformational festivals, wellness expo’s & yoga teacher trainings. Robert's Music Career started while attending Audio Engineering School in Amsterdam, NL in 2001 where he graduated top of class. While schooling in Europe he landed an internship at world renowned FABRIC Nightclub from 02’ to 03’ . 

      He has been Music Director/ Dj’d events & fashion shows for the likes of Ocean Drive, Betsy Johnson, Nicole Miller & the NFL. He has worked in some of South Florida’s top Venue’s including Gryphon @ Hard Rock Casino & Mansion in Miami, FL. Over the past decade he’s released music on several International Record Labels including SONY Music, Ministry of Sound & Nervine Records. As well as released remix projects along side some electronic music's founding fathers including Kieoki & Rabbit in the Moon. Over the Years the combination of practicing yoga and meditation lead Robert to the field of Sound Healing. Where using Principles Anatomy, Physiology, Acoustics, Physics & Sympathetic Resonance a Practitioner can learn Simple yet Highly effective methods using Sound for helping an individual go from a fight or flight stressed state to a calm relaxed state of being usually within a few minutes. Many of these principles Robert Uses within his music thus the Genre title IDM ( Intelligent Dance Music ).

About The Music :    

     “It’s not just me…” Robert point’s out, “The Music that comes through me is created working with Intention & a diverse collective of musicians grounded with live organic instrumentation woven into cinematic landscapes.” 

    Known for his mellow dramatic, mind-expanding & “attention to detail” production style, Robert’s Music is a pallet of timeless and worldly dimensions coming into being through his travels at renowned Transformational Festivals & Recording Studios. 

    “For myself art in any form is Fundamentally about the exploration & expansion of consciousness, I enjoy creating electronic music as it’s one of the few art forms that allows me to travel to such far dimensions and yet is still so deeply rooted in trance rhythms found in all shamanic cultures throughout human history.”