Dhvani 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Meet & Greet

200-RYT® Dhvani Yoga Teacher Training - Taos, NM 2018
12 Weekends of Yoga - January 6th through June 3rd 2018
Free Meet and Greet December 9th 5pm-6pm at High Frequency Loft

Escape to Taos, NM and develop a deep and rewarding life long practice of Yoga! Over 6 months, we will meet every other weekend for 12 weekend workshops that take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 11-6 at High Frequency Loft.

This unique Yoga Alliance Approved RYS 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is not only for teachers! Students hoping to gain a deeper understanding of Yoga and establish an individualized practice, are encouraged to join. This program offers a well rounded knowledge base for interested Yoga practitioners and instructors to develop a fulfilling life long practice.