Inner Dolphin Awakening - In-depth Self Exploration Workshop

Inner Dolphin Awakening ~ In-depth Self-exploration Workshop 

When: Saturday, 12/9/17, 1-5pm, Suggested contribution: $65

Discover 7 dolphin points on human body

What if everything you knew to be true about dolphins was inside you? Could it be that, in a quantum way, there's already a part of you that knows pure joy and dolphins are just trying to remind you of that?

This workshop is designed to open the door and start building a bridge to a quantum part of you called Inner Dolphin. Jan has discovered 7 dolphin points on human body, that are like inter-dimensional gateways, that allow for the qualities that we admire in dolphins to start flowing into our lives. It is both simple and profound. And it starts with self-love. If love is the basis for telepathy and inter-species communication then self-love is the basis for communication between your human self and other levels of your consciousness.

7 dolphin points are simply invitations, it is for you to do the journey and claim what has always been yours. Are you ready?

1. Dolphin nose: CURIOSITY

“I am curious and I love to explore.”

2. Dolphin smile: JOY

“I am joyful and I love life.”

3. Dolphin eyes: BEAUTY

“I see the beauty and blessings of life.”

4. Blowhole: BREATH

“I breathe deeply. I use my breath to bring in my soul.”

5. Pectoral fins: TELEPATHY

“My heart is always open. I explore telepathy and inter-species communication.”


“I am a multi-dimensional being, filled with light, color and sound. Self-love builds a bridge to my quantum nature.”

7. Dolphin tail: GAIA

“I embody Gaia. I am one with the soul of the planet.”

This workshop will be filled with practical exercises (individual and group), meditations and Inner Dolphin explorations. You will get spiritual tools to take home and use in your daily life. The intention is for a permanent change to occur within you, where you become aware of the beauty of your soul. And hopefully you get to laugh in the process and enjoy the ride!

Where: High Frequency Loft, 1335 Gusdorf Rd, Suite Q, Taos, NM 

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