Enchanted Lands Music: Soundscape Journeys

Saturday December 9th, 6pm-8pm, $10

A Musical Ceremony of Sound & Light into the Beauty of New Mexico. Beautiful, Ambient-World-Electronic soundscapes performed with flutes, guitars & loops. Join John Patrick Funk for a enchanting musical evening: Opening Ceremony - Prayer Circle - Meet & Greet. 

Music Producer and Media Artist John Patrick Funk (a.k.a Spirit Winds) invites you on a Soundscape Journey into the Beauty of New Mexico- The Enchanted Lands Soundscape Journey is a intimate live music & media show that transports the participants into a beautiful musical realm through performance of Original Soundscapes (produced in the Rio Grande Gorge Canyon) with Flutes, Guitars, Loops and other instruments. Lighting and Visual media- illuminated sculptures and projected photography- accompany stories shared through the heart that set the atmosphere for the event. The Soundscape Journey centers on the musical experience that has been influenced by these beautiful locations and events in New Mexico- (link to photographic inspirations and music tracks- http://enchantedlandsmusic.com/photography-graphics/ 

We will have space for you to sit or lie down, please bring blankets & pillows for added comfort.

Main Website http://enchantedlandsmusic.com/

Spirit Winds- Volume 5 of Enchanted Lands that features musical tracks with Native American Flutes which also comprises tracks for the live music set list. http://enchantedlandsmusic.com/el-vol-5/

News Article published about me a year ago in the Taos News- http://enchantedlandsmusic.com/news/