Women's Herbal Healing: An intro class to easy and accessible natural health care for women- from menses to peri-menopause

Women's Herbal Healing: An intro class to easy and accessible natural health care for women- from menses to peri-menopause.
Dates: Fridays - May 17th (menses), May 24th (pregnancy, birth, and postpartum), and May 31st (peri-menopause)  Time: 1-3 pm Cost: $20-$30 sliding scale/class

Description: Each class will offer in-depth discussion, demonstration, and historical use of simple herbs used for the optimum nutrition, imbalances, and dis-eases that are associated with each topic of class. We will discuss the folk traditions around simple and safe herbal medicine, the energetic and metaphoric symbolism of common imbalances, the history and use of bajos (vaginal steams), and preparations for a healthy menstruation, childbearing, and peri-menopause. 

*Bring your own notebook and mug for tea time. 


"I have been studying herbal medicine for 8 years, with a particular interested for women's health. Incorporated in my practice are Goddess studies, a certification as a Community Herbalist from Moondance Botanicals, midwifery studies, birth-assistant trainings, traditional Mexhika healing and medicine practices, Western European herbal knowledge, Prenatal yoga, and Southwest herbal knowledge.  Currently, I am an apprentice with Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin, studying curanderismo with CC Nava, and working towards a certification in INNATE Postpartum Care with Rachelle Garcia Saliga.  I am only at the beginning of my journey; honored to have attained and remembered this wisdom and knowledge, as well as share it with my community."

Balancing Healthy Emotions with Essential Oils w/ Dr Nikki Schaper

Saturday, March 16, 2019, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm, High Frequency Loft, 1335 Gusdorf Rd., Ste. Q, Taos, NM, $10 suggestion donation.

Would you like to BE more happy, connected and empowered? We all have emotions and they may, at times, make you feel like you have less than optimum control over them.

Join Dr. Nikki Schaper in cultivating inner peace. Feel empowered to take care of your emotions and its impact on you and your loved ones. Participate in a deep emotional release protocol experiencing 10 of the most powerful oils!

In this class you will learn…

  • What essential oils are

  • Identify your dominant traits and which oils will consistently benefit you

  • How negative emotions have adverse effects on the body and physical health

  • How essential oils can support you and your family in managing stress and processing your emotions

Classes are open to The Oily Odyssey Collective members and non-members.

A little bit about Dr. Nikki:

Dr. Nikki Schaper

BA (Urban Studies & Planning), MA (Education & Psychology), Ed.D. (Education), Certified Mediator

Dr. Schaper has a passion for teaching and helping people achieve health, happiness, and abundance. She completed her Ed.D. in organizational leadership at Pepperdine University in 2009. Dr. Schaper is a retired community college administrator who has 28 years of experience in higher education administration, spending the last four years as the Dean of Behavioral Sciences, History & Adult Education. In May of 2015, Dr. Schaper discovered Young Living products, and they have since been an integral part of both her personal life and her teaching practice. Dr. Schaper is the founder and owner of The Oily Odyssey Collective, an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils that offers natural health education, coaching and emotional release facilitation.