Ecstatic Dance at El Monte Sagrado w/ DJ TasstiK

Thursday August 22nd, 6:30pm - 8:30pm, $5-$15 sliding scale

High Frequency Loft & El Monte Sagrado will be teaming up to bring you a summer dance series held at El Monte Sagrado in the Rio Room! Come get your dance on! All ages welcome! No booze, no shoes! The hope is that this turns into a monthly event. So if you are craving even more chances for conscious dance in Taos please join us & share with all of your friends!

Tasstik is a bass musik magikess hailing from the high desert of NM. Her rhythmic journeys serve as a catalyst for unification and dance explosions. Drawing her inspiration from the evolution of bass music, Tasstik has been flooding dance floors across the United States with a variety of sound textures, focusing on the interplay of a wide range of genres including crunchy tribal bass, dubstep, trap, half-time, dnb, gooey snail snot, and everything in between. Each pulse of energy emitted by Tasstik has the potential to synchronize her constituents to the heartbeat and breath of the universe’s unlimited energy.

Rhythm Philanthropist & Creator of Vibrant Passion
Every atom in the universe and cell in your body is vibrating constantly; this can be directed and enhanced through music. This is a channel for healing, excitement, and oneness. Come tune in <3

Insta: tasstik_living_artb