4 week Belly Dance Series with Annya Ishtara

Get your hips warmed up! It's belly dance time!

Belly dance is more than just exercise for your body. Yes, it increases strength, flexibility, balance, and burns calories. But even more importantly, it is a way to nourish and develop your whole self, connecting you to your body, your emotions, and your feeling of personal power. Cultivate your feminine mystery and mystique with this ancient women's dance form from the Middle East! All genders welcome.

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in, and ideally bring a fringed or coin scarf or shawl to tie on your hips so you can see and/or hear your hip movements. No scarf? No problem! Just come as you are.

Bare bellies are welcome, but not required!

Mondays, 10:30 - 11:30 AM

March 4 - 25, 2019

Cost is $40 for all 4 classes. You can try the first class on March 4 only for $12 for the one class. OR pay for the 4 week series at the first class. Members and class passes welcome

Bio Annya Ishtara:
My path to becoming a belly dancer began as a young girl, when I knew I wanted to be a belly dancer, despite having never seen one, or even having heard Middle Eastern music. When I eventually began belly dance lessons in 1991, I was instantly hooked on the beautiful movements, vibrant music, exotic costuming, and the discovery of Middle Eastern cultures from which this dance comes. Belly dance is such a diverse, deep, and fascinating topic, that I haven’t stopped learning since!
My other dance studies began with Jazz and Ballet when I was a teenager and evolved to encompass Haitian, West African, and Cuban Orisha dances, Butoh, and Contact Improvisation, among others. I have also studied Rajasthani Gypsy dance of the Kalbelia people and Ghoomar Ladies dance in Rajasthan, India, and Turkish Roman (Gypsy) dance in Turkey.
I have a wide background in movement, energy training, and physical body studies. I have studied a variety of dance and movement forms for over 35 years, including yoga (in India and the US), and tai chi and qigong (in the US and China). I have a Qigong Instructor Certification and a Tai Chi Teacher certification from Qigong Academy. I am also a trained massage therapist, Level 2 Reiki practioner, licensed minister, and have been trained as a licensed Art of Feminine Presence® teacher. I am certified in Level 1 of Sadie Marquant’s Raqs Flow Bellydance Training Program.

I dance and perform in the classic American Cabaret style of belly dance, improvising 99.9% of my performances. While I love dancing with Middle Eastern bands, I have also belly danced to a sitar band, a psychedelic klezmer band, several industrial rock/punk bands, Cuban bata drum ensembles, and I have performed with rock guitar virtuoso Eric McFadden and his trio.

My oldest student (so far) was 89, and my youngest student was 7. Belly dance really is for all ages!