Mushrooms and Human Evolution with Jen Clausen

Saturday, March 9th 4-5:30pm, Donations Appreciated

The science and story of two medicinal mushrooms and how they can be integrated into our lives to activate our highest potential- Relieve anxiety, depression, and other mental dis-eases, unlock creative powers, uplift energy, enhance daily focus and a general sense of connectedness.

This lecture is intended to explore our role as citizen scientists and self healers. Iā€™d like to dissect our current stigmas and programming around the mushroom and try to understand how we got here and what scripts are no longer serving us. They are here to teach and aid in our evolution as a whole- today we will discuss how we can integrate this wisdom.

I will share ways in which these mushrooms can be used as both medicine and supplement to improve the quality of our lives and the effects and benefits of microdosing. I will also touch upon the properties of other ancient healing mushrooms.