Somatic Vocal Exploration Workshop with Madeleine Grace

Sunday October 13th, 11am-2pm

SOMATIC VOCAL EXPLORATION WORKSHOP: In this workshop we come together in a supportive and safe environment to explore sound and its capacity to move energy 

CYCLE OF THE WORKSHOP -we start off in silence and stillness, into a state of feeling, observation, and allowance for what is present. -We allow the “what is” to express itself through sound and movement. -We allow time for another form of expression (perhaps drawing or another form of visual art) -We rest -We come back to the external realms 

MATERIALS TO BRING: -A pen or pencil -A notebook or sketchbook -Any art supplies that interest you 

I am IN so much JOY to be offering this beautiful introduction to self healing through sound that has brought my own life very much into the fluid state of balance through nonjudgmental, playful exploration. Blessings, and I am so much looking forward to sharing spaciousness in time and dimension with you! 


Madeleine offers sound as medicine and sings in service to support the ascending Mother Earth and humanity. She sings to remember who she is, who we all are, and why we are all here at this time on this magnificent planet. 

Madeleine started her journey with sound and music as a singer/songwriter and traveled the United States and parts of Europe to share her heart to the world. That journey helped her to cultivate the relationship to the guidance within her heart, and through listening and exploring, has brought her to where she is currently, a crossroads of music and sound healing. 

“As a musician, it is my job to enrich the world with authentic expression, and it is in my pleasure to help other people open to their true voice and their powerful potential so they may create authentically and bring forth their own true expression of love into this world.” 

With all her Love, Madeleine Grace