Full Moon Sound Journey

Saturday October 12th, 7pm, Donations Appreciated

With the powerful assistance of the full moon, we will journey into the our hearts and into the heart of Mother Gaia to start a reconnection process. This is the reconnection to our own authentic expression of love, as well as our connection to source and Mother Gaia, as she is our primary source of energy while we are here.

Message from Madeleine Grace:
It is in my pleasure to come together with community/humanity, to align my intentions to serve as an open source of light and to bring through sounds that will benefit us all in the highest divine order for our BE-ing at this time. The sounds that come through in this journey are encoded with sacred instructions that are offered to us by many magnificent ascended Beings of Light. They enter into our energy field to bring balance to our entire being.

It is an honor to bring these source sounds into the world to help accelerate your journey. Please join me in receiving the bounty of October’s Full Moon!

More on Madeleine: www.madeleinegracemusic.com