Live Music Album Release - Simone - "Blowin' Smoke"

Friday September 8th, 7-9pm

Album title: Blowing Smoke 

 Simone Rael 21 years young, born April 25,1996 in Taos, NM. Performing music since 8 years old. Started on a hand drum, got my first guitar when i was 11 years old inspired by the greats such as Steviey Ray Vaughn, Bob Dylan, BB King, John Lennon and many other legends. A local artist trying to find my own sound while representing Taos Pueblo and the youth. Soulful music about life here and growing up on the reservation. trying to hold identity in a mixed world being a native of the Tiwa nation and Hispanic roots. Manifesting dreams into reality, while spreading medicine through music. Hopefully inspiring others to change and open their eyes to a more down to earth way of living,  Showing my family and friends that we all have our own medicine to spread. Send a message to love ourselves and to love each other and changing our vibrations to harmonize with one another. turn people on to the raw, earthy, organic, sway of the pueblo blues.

$5-$10 Suggested donation