Jade Egg Awakening

Sunday August 27th 7-9pm, Sliding Scale $5-$60

Do you want to feel radiant confidence, while tapping into a daily self-care ritual that brings you pleasure, joy, passion, and profound connection to your body, spirit, and soul? Do you want an authentic experience of your sexuality, to be in touch with who you truly are and all your body has to offer? It is not normal to feel like our yoni's are dirty, our bodies are something to be hated, or that sex is shameful. And yet culture, family, religion, and more all reinforce a negative view of women's bodies and their sexuality. Low grade-shame, negativity and disconnection from the body become the normal baseline for many women. We aren't taught to take care of our sexuality in a holistic way, as a daily self-care practice. The jade egg is a practice that evolved in ancient China, used in the Royal Palace with the queen and concubines, and is used today as a transformational tool that revolutionizes women's sexuality. The jade egg not only strengthens the yoni and vaginal muscles, but it also helps regulate the yoni, keeping it in good health and resilience. Through different practices, the jade egg can bring in tremendous pleasure, joy, and ecstasy, while simultaneously releasing sexual blockages and trauma stored in the body. It additionally aids in lifting sexual energy inward and upward where it can be transformed into higher spiritual energy, and utilized for growth, expansion, and getting in touch with one's intuition and desire. This workshop gives an introduction to the jade egg, how to insert it, use it in a safe and effective manner, and some basic practices to get you started in a regular yoni self-care routine. This workshop will kick-off a jade egg series of classes that will move through a variety of transformational tools for a more radiant, pleasurable, and in-touch sexuality. 

Participants must bring their own egg or purchase one at the workshop. You only want to use JADE as it is a porous stone that can be used internally. Other stones are not meant to used internally.

One CAN come to the workshop and just do the embodiment exercises without an egg.

Rachel Halder is a Sacred Sexuality Coach, empowering people--stuck in sexual shame and shut down inherited by culture, family or religion--transform their numbness, pain or trauma into pleasure. Her passion is teaching people how to form a sacred relationship with their body, sexuality, and turn on, giving them the deep and sexy connection they've been yearning for, recognizing that embodying our sexual selves is a form of sacred activism. With an MA in Religion, Rachel's thesis titled "Undressing Purity Culture: Finding Sexual and Spiritual Healing through Neuroscience, Trauma Recovery, and Embodied Inter-Spirituality" focused on holistic healing for those marginalized or spiritually traumatized by the Christian Church through LGBTQ+ identification and/or sexual suppression or abuse. Rachel is a student of Layla Martin’s 600-hour Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coaching program at the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality, incorporating Tantric philosophy mixed with modern neuroscience into her studies, programs, coaching, workshops, and retreats. Follow on Instagram @thesacredandthesexy or www.facebook.com/thesacredandthesexy