Ecstatic Dance with DJ Raven a Boozeless Thursday featured Event

Join DJ Raven for an evening of dance mediations. The ecstatic arc takes you on a movement journey starting off slow, coming to a peak, then softly bring you back down to rest in a meditative state. No structure, no judgements just move your body any way that you'd like. Find peace, freedom, joy & bliss through the music & the dance that emerges from within. This will be a Boozeless Thursday featured event. 

Thursday January 11th, 7:30pm-9pm, $10 Drop In

Here's the Line up:

1/4/18 DJ Andrew

1/11/18 DJ Raven

1/18/18  Planewalker

1/25/18 DJ Raven

2/1/18 DJ Julia Daye

Saturation patrols are in full effect this holiday season, officers are looking for drunk drivers. Party safe and drive sober.