Celebrating Our Ancestors - Dia de los Muertos

A celebration of our ancestors with joy, gratitude, and respect!

We will celebrate with food, art, crafts, story telling, and ceremony.

Even though the tradition's origins come from the Aztecs, this honoring is all of ours to experience My hopes are that the celebation inspires us all to honor and give thanks for the dead, as well as honor our origins, and connect with those that brought us here.

Please bring:
- A plate of food or drink that your ancestors once enjoyed (to share with group)

Bring at least 1 of the following:
- Pictures of your passed ancestors if you have them
- A story of your passed ancestors or a poem/sharing of your connection to your lineage
- An altar item symbolizing your past ancestors/ heritage

Come dressed in your traditional atire if you have it!
Gracias, Tlazocamatl, Thank you!