Dolphin Evening: Stories of Joy, Telepathy & Multi-dimensionality with Jan Lemuri


Stories of Joy, Telepathy and Multi-dimensionality

Come join us for a presentation of Jan's underwater adventures with Spinner dolphins of Hawaii, Dusky dolphins of New Zealand, Risso's dolphins of Azores and Humpback whales of Tonga. The evening will be filled with stories. photos and videos, exploring subjects like swimming with dolphins in the wild, telepathy (interspecies communication) and Inner Dolphin Awakening. We will also enhance personal connection through interactive exercises and meditation. 


Where: High Frequency Loft, 1335 Gusdorf Road, Suite Q, Taos

When: Friday, 10/27/17, 7pm-9:30pm

Suggested donation: $15

About the presenter: Jan Lemuri is a dolphin lover, traveler, explorer, poet and massage therapist; originally from Slovenia, Europe. He started exploring his dolphin connection 14 years ago when dolphins started to visit him in his dreams. His journey took him to meet and often swim with cetaceans in Hawaii, Azores (Portugal), Croatia, New Zealand, Tonga and Australia. In 2012 he finished his studies of social work with a thesis on Dolphin Assisted Therapy. He is passionate about awakening our inner dolphin – part of us that is joyful, curious and quantum – and is writing a book about it. He currently resides in Taos, NM with his wife and a 2-year old daughter.