Young Women's Circle - Herbs, Earth & Moon

A bi-weekly gathering for 12 year old girls to promote sisterhood & empowerment, physical, psychological, spiritual well being & self love through self care. This is a safe, fun, inspirational space for navigating the changes from childhood to womanhood while deepening into a support network with other young women under the gentle guidance of big sisters & aunties who will share their wisdom, gifts & tools. There will be different guest speakers each week to give the girls various flavors of role models; all women walking their empowered path.

The Schedule:

Dec 3rd- Discovering the Goddess; 
self care & our gifts
Dec 17th - Herbs, Earth & Moon; herbal remedies, our physical connection to the earth, menstruation & moon cycles. *Solstice celebration
Dec 31st - Embracing Winter & New Year; inner world, listening to the body, observing the mind, setting intention & goals
Jan 14th - Rituals & Routines; caring for mind, body & spirit with daily practice
Jan 21st - *12pm-3pm special time* Respecting & Protecting; Sacred body & sexuality  
Feb 4th - Initiation into womanhood

Want to know more? Join us
Sunday November 26th, 4:30pm-5:30pm for a
meet & greet/ Q&A with the main facilitator, Krystal Cretecos
contact: 720-355-2555