Psychedelic Transformation Use Support Group

April 21, 2-4pm, $10-$20 Sliding Scale

Facilitated by Faith Edgewalker

A monthly group for individuals who are benefiting from or who are considering the benefits of psychedelics to improve mental health and spiritual well-being.

We will begin with a drumming meditation, followed by a sharing circle and conscious discussion. This group focuses on therapeutic, intentional use for mental health, recovery, personal growth and spiritual development. We welcome those with experience and newcomers alike.

The intention is to cultivate a community and a safe container to share and meet others who are in a similar space without judgment.

Sliding scale $10-20

**This is not a place to obtain drugs** This is a network of people interested in psychedelic medicine. Use this group to share your story, support one another, swap ideas, make friends and share information. This group is not to be used for the sale/acquisition of illicit substances. We do not condone nor facilitate illegal drugs. We are here to provide education, harm reduction, integration and community.

*This model is taken from Danielle Negrin of San Francisco’s Psychedelic Society.

*This is not therapy, please have support in place if necessary.

Faith Edgewalker is a Transformational Life Coach who supports others in their path of Awakening and Remembering. The foundation of her practice supports deep connection with self and others, dissolving suffering, addictive behaviors and negative thought patterns. She incorporates ritual, nature, art, movement practices and energy work into her sessions working with others individually and in groups. She has been certified with World Coach Institute and Being True to You to support those working with **Entheogens in their preparation and integration process. She holds a solid,

sacred, gentle container full of integrity and presence.

Faith is also in the process of creating 2 other groups to dive deeper into process work around psychedelic transformation use and how to get the most out of your transformational experience with **Entheogens. Those with conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and addiction are welcome to attend along with those who are interested in general increased wellbeing and access to higher states of consciousness. One group will be held weekly on Zoom and the other, a small women’s group, will meet bi-weekly in her home in Arroyo Hondo. Some themes that will be discussed are microdosing vs. macrodosing, the importance of set and setting, creating sacred space, the process of preparation and integration, navigation around the journey itself, the importance of self- care and boundaries, along with sharing other tools and techniques that support the healing process and spiritual growth. If you are interested or have questions, please connect with Faith.

**Entheogen: “that which generates God” a hallucinogen or psychedelic, typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a nonordinary state of consciousness for healing or spiritual purposes.


Faith's intuitive energy work has helped me immensely in the last six months. She has an uncanny ability to zero in on what is really happening under the layers of conditioning that I have. Through a ceremonial process she is able to take me on a journey to the depths of my soul. I am able to process more readily and find what is really going on. I came to her downtrodden and without hope. She has lifted me up and helped me find my gifts. She has been very insistent on keeping me on track, when I fall back into my distractions and excuses. Her knowledge of herbal remedies, crystals, and spirituality weaves its way into my healing in a cathartic way. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for personal growth work that is based in ceremony and spirituality. -Alice Zorthian, Taos

Faith has a very unique skill set as a coach and healer that is deeply rooted in her own miraculous healing process. She has been with me in the depths of my personal challenges (dark nights of the soul) and acted a fearless voice of compassion to face the places that are begging for love, forgiveness and deeper understanding. As a result of Faith's fierce and compassionate guidance I have found greater acceptance of all parts of myself. I appreciate that Faith has held the space for me to be big and messy in my process. I've moved a lot energy in her presence, and have found greater peace, clarity and inner power and a result. I highly recommend the special opportunity to do the big work with Faith. -Mary Arose, Santa Fe New Mexico, Intuitive

The universe led me across Faith’s path after the loss of a significant relationship in my life, during a time when I felt stuck within the throes of transition and existential uncertainty. I came across a listing on craigslist for a room-shared situation in Taos, New Mexico. I was looking to escape my problems and pain, by running off to a new state and hoping for the best, but instead the universe led me to phone call with Faith. Her immediate intuitive grasp of my situation and psyche was pleasantly uncanny, and I felt like she was able to instantly help me find the underlying cause of what I was looking to run from. Her expert understanding of holistic health, depth psychology, intuition, spirituality, and life skills has proven invaluable to her role as my life coach. She is very easy to open up to and she has the keen ability to assert her knowledge and understand into the root of one’s problems, before one may even realize they have problems. I have suffered from mental illness to varying degrees throughout my life and have sought help from different therapists, only to be disappointed or simply find temporary relief. Faith has proven to be the most effective and efficient counselor I have interacted with thus far. A single hour session over the phone helped me delve to the bottom of years of unhealthy thought patterns and provided me a step by step approach towards self transformation. I’ve since enjoyed weekly sessions with Faith and my life has been improving drastically. I would recommend Faith to anyone who has struggled with mental illness, who might be fed up with the conventional psychiatric system, or maybe someone who is simply stuck in a rut and in need of keen intuitive insight or loving motivation. Faith sees and treats you like a spiritual being with a soul, not just a person with a broken brain or a list of problems. I’m grateful to have found Faith and I hope this testimony will lead others who are in need to her. -Robert. Fort Worth, TX

It is no coincidence that Faith has stepped further and further into her gifts as a guide for becoming more deeply in these times of global transformation, the reemergence of the divine feminine, and special opportunities for healing core wounds and refining our frequencies for beauty and wellbeing. If

you feel called to work with her, listen. It’s no coincidence. You may be feeling the tugs of your star map beckoning you towards You. Faith is a loving guide for inner journeys that can facilitate great healing and visioning. Faith’s experience as an edge walker has sharpened her observation skills and given her a well of knowledge for guiding others as they navigate their learning edge. She has helped me to identify wounds, patterns, undermining beliefs and roles that are ready for the transformation of loving attention and efficient integration. I used to experience headaches on a frequent basis. Faith has helped me become more aware of how my thoughts and attitudes contribute to painful constriction and tension. She has also given me the opportunity to let loose, which I’m sure has helped me unwind chronic tension. I trust Faith to see me be vulnerable. I have cried deeply and loudly in front of Faith. She has witnessed me grieve messily and with an overflowing heart, the medicine of which felt safe to feel within the sturdy container of her loving witness. It is freeing to be seen with eyes that have learnt much about the sky’s vastness. Faith’s gaze invites me to be big! That means to notice limits that might be holding back a vision that will take true humility to have the excellence and dedication to carry it forth. I give thanks for Faith’s continued influence as I open to being a conduit for more and more grace. -Esmé Olivia

For more information: 575-770-1382

Young Women's Circle - Herbs, Earth & Moon

A bi-weekly gathering for 12 year old girls to promote sisterhood & empowerment, physical, psychological, spiritual well being & self love through self care. This is a safe, fun, inspirational space for navigating the changes from childhood to womanhood while deepening into a support network with other young women under the gentle guidance of big sisters & aunties who will share their wisdom, gifts & tools. There will be different guest speakers each week to give the girls various flavors of role models; all women walking their empowered path.

The Schedule:

Dec 3rd- Discovering the Goddess; 
self care & our gifts
Dec 17th - Herbs, Earth & Moon; herbal remedies, our physical connection to the earth, menstruation & moon cycles. *Solstice celebration
Dec 31st - Embracing Winter & New Year; inner world, listening to the body, observing the mind, setting intention & goals
Jan 14th - Rituals & Routines; caring for mind, body & spirit with daily practice
Jan 21st - *12pm-3pm special time* Respecting & Protecting; Sacred body & sexuality  
Feb 4th - Initiation into womanhood

Want to know more? Join us
Sunday November 26th, 4:30pm-5:30pm for a
meet & greet/ Q&A with the main facilitator, Krystal Cretecos
contact: 720-355-2555