Gong Bath with Margarita - Every Sunday in November

Every Sunday in November, 6pm-7pm $12 suggested Donation/person, class passes & members Welcome Harmonize Mind-Body-Spirit

Experience the Alchemy of Sound through the Healing Vibrations of the Gongs. We have Yoga mats, bolsters & blankets but bring anything extra that you want to be comfy & relaxed.



About Margarita Monleon:

The colors of my life are seen in the New Mexico skies.  Everyday I am greeted by the morning sun rising over the Taos Mountains and each night the sun sets in the west ending the day with incredible light and beauty.    I am so very grateful for the beauty and spirit of where I live. 

My love for my gongs and their magic have become a necessary element to my life not only as a person, but as an Artist.  Their music is now a part of who I am and what I do.

play them (gongs) every morning, always intrigued by the new sounds that I hear as I make friends with these incredible healing instruments. 

It was because of my own search for healing as I fought cancer that the gongs came to me. I connected with them from very first sound. 

I recognized the sound of the gong as if it were an old friend.  

The gongs helped my mind to relax and so that my body could accept the healing from these vibrational sounds.  I found myself  to be much calmer as I had to move through the stress of Doctors and hospitals. The gongs truly helped me to stay focused on my journey of healing.

As a result, the gongs became my medicine to absorb and now it is my medicine to share. I begin my meditations with a 3000 year old Japanese prayer that I was told raises the spiritual vibration in a room.  The gongs follow this prayer allowing for the Alchemy of Sound.