Vocal Opening Sound Journey

COME JOIN US FOR THIS: Vocal Opening Journey with Dr. Gwendolyn McClure, Ph.D.
Tuesday February 26th, 2019, 1:00-4:30pm
Join Master Vocal Sound Healer Gwendolyn in this energetically dazzling release workshop! Learn to use your voice to embody the frequency of Love, & Clear the rest!
Registration Fee: $45 Sliding Scale Available Upon Request
Space is limited! Please Pay in Advance at HFL; cash preferred
Bring a mat, blanket, pillow, water, an open heart, & a desire to release!
In her 29th year as a vocal sound healer, Gwendolyn is very excited to come to Taos from Nevada City, CA to create magical clearing & healing with you all!

Contact Gwendolyn for general info or for a Private Session while she is in Taos: http://vocalsoundhealer.com; Gwendolyn@vocalsoundhealer.com; (520) 904-2043