"Journey Into Insanity: Adventures in Consciousness and Synchronicity" - Conversations with the Author of this 8 Book Series

Saturday April 20th, 6pm, Free Event - Donations Appreciated

Lecture by the author of This is an 8 book series exploring the Darker Side of the American way of
Life and the Labyrinth of the Human Psyche from a Pleiadian Perspective.


 I, Ricardo “Rico” S. Giron was born in El Paso, Texas on June 30th, 1957. I attended Gadsden High School and finished after the 11th grade by passing the GED in September of 1975. In high school I excelled in sports and academics. In May of 1975 I placed second in the New Mexico High School Decathlon in Track and Field by competing against the best athletes in New Mexico including 1A, 2AA, 3AAA and 4AAAA.

 In October of 1975 I voluntarily joined the U.S. Army and served my tour in West Germany as an Artillery Surveyor [82Charlie]. While I was attending Basic Training in Fort Knox, Kentucky I was selected to attend the West Point Academy based on my entrance exam score, upper percentile. I declined the offer. I attained the rank of Sergeant, E-5 before my Honorable Discharge in October of 1978. While stationed in West Germany I traveled to the neighboring countries including France, Holland, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Austria, and I extensively toured West Germany. I also competed in Wrestling and Track and Field during my tour.

Since then, I have traveled around the world. I have had the opportunity to travel to the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, China, Beijing, Hong Kong, Israel, Egypt, England, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Panama, Costa Rica, coast to coast in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

 Upon my return to Albuquerque, New Mexico I enrolled in UNM in January of 1979 and started a pre-med curriculum intending to become a Physical Therapist. I attended five semesters and eventually moved to Las Vegas, New Mexico in September of 1982. I attended NMHU from January 1983 to December of 1984. In December of 1984 I left NMHU and returned to Albuquerque, New Mexico lured by a job in Sales. I stayed in Sales and Business for five years.

 In 1989, I returned to Las Vegas, New Mexico and finished one year of academics to complete my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy in May of 1990. I have since then remained in Las Vegas, New Mexico permanently. 

From September 1990 to May 2003, I ran my own agency dealing with investments, life insurance, mutual funds, and annuities. At the peak I supervised and trained 10 agents. Since 2003, I have been retired and serving as a volunteer Private Attorney General under authority of 42 USC, section 1988.

 On Labor Day 1999 while camping at Storrie Lake in Las Vegas, New Mexico I was confronted with a situation where three kids were in the lake drowning. I succeeded in rescuing two of the kids, but the third boy did drown. I nearly perished during the rescue. For my actions I was nominated by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission to receive the Carnegie Medal for Heroism. In May of 2000, I wasawarded the Carnegie Medal for Heroism. In the 100 year history of the medal, I became only the22nd Citizen in New Mexico to received this prestigious Medal. 

Since 2000 I have been actively involved studying law, court cases, court decisions, the Constitution for the united States of America, the New Mexico Constitution,Supreme Court cases, Appeals Court cases, New Mexico Supreme Court cases, New Mexico Appeals Court cases, the so-called Internal Revenue Code, Title 26 IRC, Title 26 USC, the 50 USC, merchant law, the UCC, and Blackstone’s Commentaries. I can say with 100% confidence that I have paid all lawful taxes that I lawfully owe under this Constitution for the United States of America as an American Citizen.  I feel confident that I have amassed more then 10,000 hours of studying law and legal issues.  

A Celebration of Poetry: The Release of Matthew Salzman’s Book Potential: Poems of Self Mastery and More

Saturday March 2nd, 7:00-9:00 PM, Free Event

The affair will include readings, by Matthew Salzman, of his first compilation of poetry, as well as an open invitation to other poets to share their work. Copies of Potential: Poems of Self Mastery and More will be available for purchase, and Matthew will be open to signing them throughout the evening. Come share in the festivities of poetic reverence.

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