LIVE MUSIC - Shawn Hart

Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 6 PM – 9 PM, Sliding scale $5-$15


Shawn's music has been described as easy to listen to. His wide vocal range, and smooth delivery make for a very pleasing sound to the ears. Listeners are drawn into Shawn's performance because of the authenticity in his music, and in him. Hart writes songs about life, drawing from his own experiences and interpretations on the happenings around him. Country, folk, rock, with a little bit of pop is a solid base to start describing the music of Shawn Hart. No matter the song, listeners will be assured that  Shawn will convey the emotional intent, and deliver a performance to be remembered. 


Although Shawn Hart now calls New Braunfels, TX home, growing up in south central Wisconsin provided him with a different perspective on life, and a different variety of music to shape those perspectives. "Music has always been a part of my life", Hart says as he recounts tales of singing country music with his Mom, and rocking out, loudly, to John Melloncamp with his Dad. When Shawn moved to Texas and was introduced to singer songwriters, story tellers, and music over performance, which changed his world. This is when Shawn started writing songs that were more than skin deep, songs that make the listener think. Songs about God, mistakes, gaining and losing real love, and even the danger within. Hart's says his musical roots can still be found in some of his music. "The stadium country and top-of-your-lungs rock will always be in there somewhere." Since starting music full time in 2015, Shawn has been entertaining crowds, and gaining the respect of fellow musicians, non stop with no end in sight. Shawn released an EP titled, Real World, in December of 2018, which can be found on all digital streaming services. Hart says, "I am pleased with how this record came out. It is the exact record I wanted to make, and I believe it represents me, and my music, well." 


Lady Libery

Real World Album, Live Acoustic