Full Moon Drum Ceremony: Facilitation Foundations for Women

Sunday August 11th, 7pm-9pm, sliding scale $10-$20

This special drum class and ceremony will be facilitated by Djulz Chambers, from Soul Circles Drumming Australia. It aims to provide women with a model for organising and facilitating drum circles based on the ancient language of West-African percussion traditions. You will learn how to create intentional music with a few basic rhythmic principles, in an environment that is prayerful and fun. It is also the intention of this gathering to honour and amplify our intentions with its proximity to the full moon, and to invite the energetic contributions of our ancestors and those of the other worlds in doing so.

Women of all ages and walks of life are welcome. You must provide your own drum. This workshop will be led on djembe, though drums of all kinds and from all traditions are welcome as we will be working with universal principles of rhythm. We ask for a sliding scale donation of $10-$20 per person to cover costs. Registration is essential by contacting Djulz at djulz@soulcirclesdrumming.com. Please contact us via this address for all further inquiries. We look forward to a joyful and expansive confluence of the Northern New Mexico sisterhood!

Djulz Chambers and Soul Circles Drumming Sessions

For more than a decade since her initiation into the art-forms of drumming and storytelling in West Africa, Djulz Chambers has been in dedicated service to the expansion of individuals via her unique application of both modalities. Soul Circles Drumming offers sessions based on the wisdom of the natural world, with the intention to support individuals in their chosen path of healing and the expression of their unique creativity. They integrate universal wisdom referring us to our elemental bodies and to our relationships, and offer fully facilitated West-African inspired drumming arrangements that serve to activate each person’s intentions. These sessions provide a valuable complement to other modalities promoting personal growth and healing, as well as standing on their own in the interests of cultivating self-sovereignty and embodying ancestral wisdom. For more information please visit www.soulcirclesdrumming.com.