Neoshamanism: Transformational Journey through Arctic Sound

Live Music & Sound Healing with Olox - Event Date: Saturday, May 11, 7pm - 8:30pm 

Immerse yourself into Shamanic sound healing that have been used by first peoples to attain altered states and communicate with the spirit world. Drawing from deep wisdom of the Sakha neoshamans, the Olox ceremonial sound journey and live performance will move through the three worlds:  The Lower, the Middle and the Higher. You will explore the combination of traditional songs of the Shamanic Arctic Siberian Sakha communities, a reindeer breath (arctic throat beat-box), the sounds of northern birds and animals with modern acoustic and electronic beats. This is a unique bridge between traditional knowledge and new technologies. 

Event Price - early birds $,30 at the door $40
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The word “olox” translated means “life”, or the universal force that lies behind all phenomena and binds us all together.  OLOX is a musical collaboration that integrates traditional shamanic ritual from the artic circle with modern electronic music and world rhythms.  Bringing together ancient roots with modern music creates a bridge that is both uniquely transformative and reconnecting.