Self Spinal Alignment Workshop with Dr. Win Smith

Saturday February 16th, 2019, 2:30pm-6:30pm - Suggested Sliding Scale $10-$45

Dr. Win Smith, N.D., D.O.M., will lead this workshop on spinal care. Back, neck, hip, sacro- iliac joint, and other joint pain are very common in western society where we spend far too much time sitting at our computers or couch, and too little time exercising. Inactivity combined with aging and nutrient deficiencies or wrong diet often produce periods of acute and chronic pain as well as degenerative joint and disc diseases. Pain is the principal symptom that motivates us to seek professional medical care. But what if we could effectively treat or even prevent much of the back and neck pain that causes so much distress? There are naysayers who say it can't be done; that we must depend on someone other than ourselves to treat these problems. Dr. Smith disagrees. 

This workshop will cover common injuries and pain syndromes of the spine and joints and their causes, as well as the potential for their prevention and reversal. These include inter-vertebral disc injuries, degenerative disc disease, degrees of disc herniation, disc ruptures, disc desiccation commonly seen in aging and how to minimize it, as well as common conditions such as osteo-arthritis, stenosis, compression injuries, facet syndromes, dis-articular relationships of spinal joints, cartilaginous end plate degeneration, nerve root compression, and more. Dr. Smith will also demonstrate and teach the participants various methods for correcting articular relationships of common joint surfaces which give anyone the potential for self care. These methods may reduce or eliminate dependence on various professions while allowing one to enjoy greater flexibility and freedom from back pain. You don't need to be on a treatment treadmill! Pharmaceutical medications may mask a problem by reducing pain or relaxing muscles, and they often don't correct the true cause of the pain condition. Instead, they may damage delicate cells, ultimately leading to accelerated joint degradation. You don't need to let this happen!

Dr. Win Smith has been teaching natural and self healing methods as well as Traditional Oriental Medicine for 40 years. He is a full professor of TCM at the Southwest Acupuncture College, where he started teaching in 1981. He studied Oriental Medicine with Dr. Hsi Yu Tao, and has been in clinical practice since 1978 and licensed in New Mexico since 1982. He published the book Self Spinal Alignment and Other Life Extension Techniquesand its companion video in 1992. These techniques include methods of self adjustment of spinal joints in all segments of the spine, as well as rib heads and the sacro-iliac joint. Dr. Smith developed these techniques after suffering years of chronic pain as a consequence of his own back injury at the age of 16. Since developing these techniques, Dr. Smith has never required professional services to correct or treat misalignment or back pain, despite having been very active over the subsequent 51 years. Dr. Smith remains lithe and flexible, and is living proof that one can maintain spinal health with proper knowledge and self care techniques. 

Disclaimer: Dr. Smith nor the High Frequency Loft cannot and do not promise or guarantee resolution of any participant's disease or condition. All participants are encouraged to discuss treatment of their condition with their physician, including whether gentle active stretches are appropriate as a treatment modality for them.