LIVE MUSIC - the Second Wind Endeavor

Saturday July 28th, 6-9pm Playing a mix of R&B, Blues, Old Time, Folk & Latin Tunes.

The Second Wind Endeavor

n. The act by which one hopes or attempts to bring about the renewal of energy or commitment; the bid to prompt the rebirth of the gusto.

We are a musical project powered by the brains and hearts and hands and feet of we, and really, of you, too. With Michael Virga on guitar and lead vocals, Evan Sanchez on drums and cajon, Isaiah Kortright on bass and everything else, Rose Dragoo on viola and vocals, and Jesse Reist on banjo and cello, TSWE brings us together from far-flung locales and a wide variety of musical backgrounds to become a whole that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. For now, we are primarily founded on some amalgamation of folk, blues, old-time, funk, r&b,   and rock and roll. But that’s always evolving. Gotta be room to grow. Stay tuned. Imagination will save the world.

All ages welcome. Bring your family & friends.