Adventures in Consciousness with Ariana

Second Saturday of the Month - Saturday June 9th & Saturday July 14th, 4pm, $10 Suggested Donation

A monthly event without structure or outline. In the light of the new energies we will gather, connect and feel into the unified energy field of the group and the collective. The focus will be on activating the multidimensional brain and strengthening the “feeling muscle”.

This  is something new for all of us. How do you communicate with the unseen and undefined? That which is always moving, changing, shifting frequency? How do you translate it into human words?

These events could be referred to as the Multidimensional Playground, where we explore the heart space as the entry point to the inner worlds of infinite possibilities, where there’s no limit to what we can manifest, co-create, birth, experience, encounter and play with.

We are all awakening and beginning to REMEMBER that we are multidimensional beings. As we are all very unique in our genetic design and star heritage we will empower and inspire each other to bring out the inherent skills hidden in our subconscious.  

Hosted by Ariana (aka Vera Le Doux):