New Moon women's Circle with Kelly Rae

Sunday April 15th, 6pm

Message from Kelly: 

I would love for join me for the next women's moon circle. We will gather together to open our hearts and hold space for one another. The evening will start out with a crystal bowl sound healing to help us ground deeper into the earth, moving through to the Shamanic journey where the drum will stimulate the brain to help synthesize natural beta-endorphins, which facilitate you to move into what is known as the 'second attention', an altered state of awareness, or shamanic state of consciousness.  This state of awareness facilitates the Shamanic Journey.   The constant drumming will be used for the purpose of inducing a range of ecstatic trance states in order to connect with the spiritual dimension of reality.  I invite you to share your journey before we move on to setting our intentions with the energy of the new moon still high.  Closing our circle with sharing if you feel called.  

Step out of your shadow and step into the circle of women that will help you see your beauty and divine light. We are all here for one another. To share, to open ourselves to our deepest self, and to reflect and to listen to one another as we embark on this beautiful journey. 

If you have never done a shamanic journey I will discuss with you before we start on what exactly that is.  

Please bring a journal. 

Dress in whatever you feel the most comfortable. Please limit your use of perfumes or sprays to respect any allergies that some may be experiencing.

Blessings to you dear sisters. Hope to see you all soon. 

 Gratitude blessing suggestion- $15, Sliding scale-$0-$20