New Moon Women's Ceremony

Tuesday January 16th, 8:15-10pm, Suggested donation $15, Sliding scale-$0-$20

The new moon is a time of reflection.. Of going inward and looking deep within at what it is you would like to create.  Truly feeling into it as if it is already happening.  It is an opportunity to sit with feelings of uncertainty, rather than rushing from one thing to the next.  I would love for you to join me and dive into this New Year by consciously creating your reality...for yourself..for all women...for the greater good of ALL.  

Lets come together in sacred circle to support one another as we dive deep into our subconscious minds. 

We will begin the evening with a guided chakra sound meditation, leading into a Shamanic Journey, and followed by intention setting/bath salt making. There will be sharing of your journey and intentions, if you feel compelled too, as we create our bath salts to immerse ourselves in on the next Full Moon. This is a safe place for the divine feminine to come and share with one another.  To be truly held and seen.  All that we share will remain in this sacred container.  

Step out of your shadow and step into the circle of women that will help you see your beauty and divine light.  We are all here for one another.  To share, to open ourselves to our deepest self, and to reflect and to listen to one another as we embark on this beautiful journey.

If you have never done a shamanic journey I will discuss with you before we start on what exactly that is.  I have posted a link at the bottom if you would like to have some insight on it before you come.  

Please bring a yoga mat or blanket, a journal, and your favorite essential oil.  

Dress in whatever you feel the most comfortable.  Please limit your use of perfumes or sprays to respect any allergies that some may be experiencing.

Blessings to you dear sisters.  Hope to see you all soon.

Yours Truly,  Kelly Rae