Tapping: the Emotional Freedom Technique

An Evening of Introduction to the art of Tapping: the Emotional Freedom Technique. come experience this amazing way to 'tap" right into how your thoughts and feelings are creating reality. based on the supposition that our thoughts and feelings can reside within our bodies, the Emotional Freedom Technique allows the clearing of unwanted and unconscious beliefs, and belief patterns, by tapping on specific points on the subtle pathways in the body called meridians. These are the same pathways used by needles in acupuncture or fingers in acupressure. It is easy to use and has tremendous instantaneous effects.

In this introudction, you will be given a 30 page booklet that shares the history of EFT/Tapping, some of the science behind it, and the directions for the technique. During the evening, you will be given ample time to practice on yourself, as well as help another person. there will also be plenty of opprtunity to ask questions, and share your experiences, so we all learn from each other.

The class is lead and taught by Jiwan Shakti, a professional Educator, Healer and Artist. Not only does she have a gift of a healing soul, she is a well seasoned Experiential Educator. Her greatest passion is to teach people how to heal themselves and the ones in their lives. It is a pleasure to serve in this way.

Class time is 2 hours / $30 includes the booklet

Tuesday July 11, Taos New Mexico

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***Regularly scheduled 7pm TRX Bootcamp will be cancelled***