Family Constellation Workshop for Healing Professionals

Movement of the Family Soul: A Free Introductory Workshop for healing professionals, therapists, body workers, teachers & healers who want to experience first hand how ancestral lines can be a moving force that carries us forward through life with a deep sense of belonging, love, and purpose even if our living family fails us. 

This workshop demonstrates how we can help each other restore the movement of our family's soul in a healing direction and experience a deeper and more satisfying life - even if our own relatives never show up. 

Jean-Vi Lenthe, MA, a writer and educator, is offering a free introductory workshop on Systemic Family Constellations. This workshop is specifically for healing professionals who would like to experience the Constellation model as a unique and powerful healing modality. To sign up call 779-7735 or email (Jean-Vi has trained with Hella Neumann in Santa Fe, one of founder Bert Hellinger's original students.)

Facilitator: Jean-Vi Lenthe, MA

Friday June 16th, 6:30-9pm at the High Frequency Loft

$10-$20 Suggested Donation