The Science of Yoga with Julie Staples

The Science of Yoga Workshop

By Julie K. Staples, Ph.D.

The ancient yogic teachings tell us how yoga benefits our health. We are now able to gain a deeper understanding of these mechanisms with modern day research.

In this course you will:

Learn the benefits of yogic breathing on the brain, lungs, and immune system
Understand how meditation changes the structure and function of the brain

Discover the health conditions that are most improved by yoga

Saturday May 20th 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
at The High Frequency Loft, 1335 Gusdorf Road, Suite Q

Cost: $49

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Julie K. Staples, received a doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology at St. Louis University. She is the founder of Awareness Technologies, Inc. She has been doing research and publishing in peer-reviewed journals for more than 30 years. Her research includes studies with populations worldwide on the benefits of yoga and mind-body medicine. She is the Research Director at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Georgetown University. She has been a certified Kundalini yoga teacher since 1996. Her new book Wholehearted: Reclaiming Life After Trauma will be released in Spring 2018.