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Tribal Fusion Belly Dance 8 Week Series w/ Alana Grier
to Jul 7

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance 8 Week Series w/ Alana Grier

  • The HFL - High Frequency Loft (map)
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Saturdays starting May 19th-July 7th, 10:30am-12pm 

Join Alana G for an 8 week series in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Study a fusion of different approaches to Belly Dance from American Tribal Style to ancient birth preparation. There is a good flow from strengthening drills to group choreography throughout the class. 

Belly Dance fundamentals covered:

  • Prayer/Pranam Centering Exercise 
  • Technique & Drills
  • Choreography Cues & Group Patterns
  • Synchronized Group Improvisation
  • Learn to Lead and Follow
  • Finger Cymbal Patterns 
  • Tribal Costume Making

Hip scarves or coin belts are optional, students should wear loose, comfortable clothing. No previous dance experience necessary. Prenatal friendly. Take all 8 weeks or drop in for individual classes! 

Pay in full & get all 8 weeks for only $70!!! Regular drop-in rate, classes passes & memberships accepted. 

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Ecstatic Dance in December 7:30pm
to Jan 4

Ecstatic Dance in December 7:30pm

  • The HFL - High Frequency Loft (map)
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An evening of dance mediation. The ecstatic arc takes you on a movement journey starting off slow, coming to a peak, then softly bring you back down to rest in a meditative state. Thursday December 7th, 7:30pm-9pm, $10 Drop In

Here's the Line Up:

Thursday 12/7/17 - DJ Andrew

Thursday 12/14/17 - DJ Raven

Thursday 12/21/17 - DJ Myrth

***Saturday 12/30/17 - DJ Planewalker 8pm*** Special Day/Time pre-NYE


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Surya Namaskar - Solar Powered Sadhana - Four Week Series w/ Yamuna Devi
to Oct 29

Surya Namaskar - Solar Powered Sadhana - Four Week Series w/ Yamuna Devi

  • The HFL - High Frequency Loft (map)
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Four Sundays in October: 1pm-3:30pm from 10/8-10/29

Surya Namasker – Solar Powered Sadhana

Until the early 20th century, Surya Namaskar was a Vedic practice – a ritual honoring the arrival of Surya, the Sun and was practiced as a morning prayer.  The Sun Salutation was much more than an exercise, and praised the Sun in 12 aspects as he moves through the 12 astrological houses.   The Sun Salutation began being integrated into Hatha Yoga practice after Swami Sivananda recognized the many health benefits that are a side effect of the practice, sometime in the late 1930’s-40’s.  Today, Surya Namaskar is found in many lineages of Hatha Yoga.
A four week series exploring the Vedic roots and history of the classical Salutation to the Sun and its evolution into a complete Hatha Yoga practice. Learn how to activate the chakras and chant the bija (seed) sounds and mantras for each posture.  Appropriate modifications of all postures and movements can easily be modified for both the beginner and the experienced student, as well as those with physical or medical limitations.  Each class will include theory as well as practice, so bring a notebook and pen, as well as your mat, and will conclude with guided deep relaxation.  You can attend any or all of the first three sessions, however Week 4 requires participation in the preceding sessions.

Week 1:  Surya Namaskar - Salutation to the Sun
In the first class, you will be introduced to the Classical Sun Salutation with a focus on correct alignment in each position. Modifications andadaptations will be offered that will allow all levels of student to comfortably practice Surya Namaskar.  Students with medical or physical limitations will be shown how to safely accommodate individual needs.  

Week 2:  Surya Namaskar and Solar Chakra Activation
When we practice the Salutation to the Sun, powerful activation of the chakras can be consciously initiated through visualization and intention. Not only are the major chakras brought into play, but also some of the many minor chakras located in the body.  In the second portion of class, you will learn how to combine the chakra work with the Sun Salutation.

Week 3:  Surya Namaskar and the Bija Sounds and Mantras
In the Vedic tradition, each of the postures of the Sun Salutation has a one syllable ‘seed’  sound, and a Surya mantra describing the attributes of the Sun. The mantras may be recited as a meditation, as well as incorporated into Surya Namaskar, which will be covered in the second portion of this class.  

Week 4:  Integration of Surya Namaskar – Solar Powered Sadhana. 
In the final installment of the series, a brief review of chakra activation and the bijas and mantras will move us into a practice that will blend all aspects into the actual practice, creating the Solar Powered Sadhana!  Participation in the first three classes is necessary as this is the culmination of the series!

$20/Class or all four $75 in advance!  Sliding Scale – no one turned away for lack of funds.



Yamuna Devi, CYT, TY YTT has been teaching the Yogic Arts and Sciences for 30 years, including Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti and Nada Yoga, as well as the vibrational aspects of Sanskrit. A Reiki Master, Yamuna corrected her own scoliosis and rotated pelvis, and intuitively understands the needs and how to best work with each individual student, helping to identify and overcome perceived limitations and obstacles.  She is truly in her element when she is sharing knowledge with those who are hungry. She has taught around the US, India and Crete and was an original cofounder of the Three Rivers Yoga Institute, where she also trained teachers for 12 years.  Yamuna is also a potter, Animal Communicator, Kirtan Singer and Dog Mom to three rescues.

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AcroYoga Foundation Series @ The High Frequency Loft
to Apr 26

AcroYoga Foundation Series @ The High Frequency Loft

Join Alana & Colton along with special guest teachers Dina & Eric for a four week series to learn the Foundation and Basics of AcroYoga. In these 4 consecutive classes you will learn the ins & outs of this fun interactive form of moving together. It takes a solid strong foundation to create a life long practice. In this series we will give you exactly that plus:

  • Create flows from basic skills
  • Explore lifts, couter balances, and inversions
  • Become a conscientious spotter 
  • Sample more advance skills to expand your practice

Wednesdays in April 6-8pm 

all abilities welcome. no partner required.

$85pp/$150p duo *Includes Free Open Gym to train during your series

This will be a progressive series. But in the case that you can't make all four we will allow drop-ins. $25single/$40duo

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